Question for LA area LV owners...

  1. I am just wondering how many LA area LV stores have you been to that you have had (generally, most of the time) good experience with the SA?

    * Beverly Hills
    * Hollywood
    * Los Angeles

    I just would like to visit the store that have better customer services then I have recieved today at the Hollywood store. and it'll be helpful to know which SAs are good... :yes:

    TIA...thanks for the information!
  2. I went to the Beverly Center LV a few times like 2 years ago. Sadly I had a bad experience, they were quite snooty. :sad: I don't think I will ever go back there again. The Rodeo Drive LV was quite intimidating as well. I much prefer the service from SAs in Taiwan, they are very nice and helpful.
  3. I don't like the Beverly Center store either. That whole mall is going downhill in my opinion and the SAs had sticks up their butt like they were on Rodeo Drive or something. They lost a sale with me boy.

    I prefer 866-VUITTON! The customer service people are ALWAYS nice and helpful.
  4. The french girl Sarah at the Rodeo Drive store is a pearl. I met her in Paris at the Avenue Montaigne store in Paris. She is now a manager at the Rodeo Drive store. So go for Sarah!
  5. if you don't mind driving down a bit to orange county, South Coast Plaza is my fave. OC also has a total of 3 locations, 1 boutique in SCP, 1 in Saks in SCP, and 1 in Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island.

    I would stay away from beverly center.. it's only a "nice" mall because of the name "Beverly", but in reality, it compares up with the Mainplace Santa Ana Mall or Westminster Mall.. as far as the general public demographic is concerned..

  6. Yes I met Sarah in Rodeo Drive right after she get back from Paris.She's nice
  7. ^^^I definitely agree with frozen7313!!!
  8. :yes::yes: Driving down to OC will be worth it!! Not a fan of Beverly Center or Rodeo Drive boutiques. I've never been to the on in Hollywood, so I don't know about that one.
  9. I've had both positive and negative experiences in the Century City Boutique. I now prefer the Hollywood one. I bought from the Beverly Center boutique but didn't get much "assistance" there. I basically knew what I was getting and it was a shop-and-go.

    I found the NEW SCP boutique has better service. I guess it also depends on how many customers the boutique has at the time of your visit. :smile:
  10. I had a really good experience at the one on Hollywood and Vine.
  11. South Coast Plaza!! The LV store there ROCKS!
  12. wow it's good to know that the SAs at SCP's LV are much nicer.. in fact, i am going to the SCP this weekend... so that's exciting!
    is there any particular SA that you would recommend at SCP's LV?
    thanks for the replies!! :rolleyes:
  13. I like her a lot, she is so nice, she even gave a vip multicolore bookmark to my boyfriend for me when we were in Paris. Definitely a Pearl.
  14. Definately the South Coast Plaza store is amazing. Ask for Val, Eleanor, or DK, they're all amazing! Not to mention the fact that they've been around FOREVER so they really know their stuff.
  15. The SA's at the Century City boutique have always seemed to be very helpful and friendly (though reserved). I've purchased four bags there.