Question for Kooba Fans

  1. What are you using for wallets? Just curious.
  2. I have a Coach Legacy wristlet that I use for cards/cash and also a Brighton Croc wallet for my checkbook and more cards, etc.
  3. I really don't understand why Kooba hasn't put out a line of wallets. I had an IF wallet, then a Hayden Harnett, and now a Dooney. I'd buy a Kooba wallet in a second!
  4. I found a Hobo International black patent wallet on sale at Von Maur yesterday. Guess I'll use that. I think I have a MAXX croco patent one too I could use, or else keep my Coach wallet in it, like you, Cheekers.

    I agree, Lexie. I'd buy a wallet asap too if Kooba would make one.
  5. Good morning Grace :smile:

    I'm still using my Dooney & Bourke wallet. I like it's overall design. I tend to be anal retentive about ease of use in bags and wallets. This particular wallet works well for me.

    But I'd LOVE to see Kooba come out with some wallet and other accessories. They're so good with leather!

    Maybe we should start a letter-writing campaign? :graucho:
  6. Did you buy the new wallet to coordinate with your new Kooba?

    Sounds like a lovely match.
  7. I carry my same Gucci black leather wallet no matter what bag I'm carrying. I guess I'm just too lazy to change wallets. Too much to transer. I may lose a something! Anyway, a lot of designers like Kooba doesn't make wallets... yet. Soon hopefully!
  8. Yes, I would be game for a Kooba wallet too, for sure.
  9. I have a black fendi fabric logo wallet that i end up using with my Kooba bags.
  10. I use a Brahmin Toasted Almond credit card wallet with all of my bags. I do enjoy the embossed leather as it reminds me of woodgrain.

    I would adore a Kooba wallet, why on earth don't they do them?
  11. Would be interesting to see what Kooba could come up with in regards to wallets. I use my Black Guccissima at the moment and love having it in the Koobas, the lining is so soft and protecting:smile:
  12. i use a green leather prada wallet i love it! but if kooba came out with wallets,,, i think i would have to have 2 wallets :smile:!!!!

    btw lexie LOVE your new picture hehe of your beautiful Elisha! i cant wait till i get mine!
  13. I've been carrying a brown wallet from Wilson's Leather that is about 5-6 years old... I'm haven't dabbled into the world of wallets (yet), and don't mind that I carry cheap wallets inside of expensive bags. It would be a totally different story if Kooba made wallets though!!!
  14. Of course. I have thought of little else lately but matching Ms. Parker. Is that sick or what? :p
  15. I am new to Kooba loving... :heart: :heart: just got my first one yesterday after a (practically) life long love affair with Coach.:yahoo:

    I have mostly Coach accessories in my Kooba... except for my Kate Spade Boarskin french purse... got this about 4 or even 5 years ago, and It's still in great shape. Bonus that it's black with apple green leather lining, so it coordinates with my green Kooba.

    Also have two coach leather wristlets in my Kooba... one is black with a tassle and it holds my make-up. the other is Lime green (sensing a trend, anyone?) and holds my ipod and gym membership card.