Question for Kelly owners ...

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  1. Do you attach and use the shoulder strap or do you leave it at home? I am just curious. I don't see many people use the strap with their Kellies so don't really know if I should or not.:shrugs: I LOVE shoulder bags but for some reason Kelly just looks like a handheld bag to me.
  2. Hey LV!:heart: I use the strap, also the lady I saw with Miele croc Kelly was wearing her strap and it looked really good. I take it with me, hook it on when I need both hands, LOVE that about the kelly!!! I would take the strap when you need it!:graucho:
  3. That is such a great question Irene! I love that the Kelly has the shoulder strap!
  4. I use it handheld always.
  5. I only take the strap w/ me when traveling.
  6. Thank you, ladies, for your replies!!!:flowers: I guess it is a good idea to keep it inside the bag, just in case.:graucho:

  7. he,he
  8. I do both, I keep it inside the bag incase I get lazy.
  9. ditto
  10. When I get my Kelly, I'll leave the strap hanging (I think it looks cool) and slip it on my shoulder when needed (for everyday, casual dress and places.) For dressier outfits and functions, I'd leave it off but put it inside the bag.
  11. I keep the strap on at all times and use it only when I need both hands for something.......
  12. I too keep the strap on. and only use it when needed. I think it looks good hanging too.
  13. I do a little of everything. Sometimes I leave it hanging, sometimes I put it inside the bag if I think I am going to need it that day like for shopping, and sometimes when I am pretty sure I won't need it at all (like just going out to dinner) I leave the strap at home. That's the beauty of the Kelly...
  14. I use mine handheld, and have only used the strap once.
  15. I've never used my strap and plan to never use it. I think it looks weird, personally. The only time I might use it is if I were travelling and really needed both hands.
    I cringe when women at the store I work at ask to attach straps on the handheld handbags. I think it just hangs too low or something... :shrugs: