Question for Kelly Caleche and Un Jardin sur le Nil owners.

  1. Hello everyone. I bought the Un Jardin sur le Nil a few months back and been meaning to try the new Kelly Caleche. I finally got to sample it through a sephora catalog that I recently received a few days ago. The sample was hard to smell, I kept rubbing it on my wrist. To me the Kelly somewhat smells like Un Jardin sur le Nil. The closest place that sells it is an hour away and I would hate to drive that far just to spray it on and realize I don't like it or that it smells just like sur le nil.

    For the owners of both fragrances, do they smell alike to you? Also when purchasing fragrances from the H they wrap it in the nice orange boxes?? TIA
  2. Hello Jinsun! I own both fragrances and in my opinion they smell totally different! Whilst jardin sur le nil is really fresh and citrus-y, kelly en calèche is much "richer" and smells of leather. for me the perfect winter scent!:love:
    I purchased both fragrances at my local H but as I bought those for myself I didn't ask for a giftwrapping. but i'm sure that your SA would giftwrap the chosen fragrance for you if you ask for it.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I have KC and samples of JSLN. I wear KC daily. It smells nothing like JSLN. The H SA should be happy to gift wrap it for you :yes:
  5. I have recently bought the kelly caleche. I also have both the jardin sur le nil and another fav of mine, rose ikebana. To my senses, the kelly caleche is like a combination of sur le nil and rose ikebana, I smell both of them in the kelly. They all smell good and compliment each other really well when combined.
  6. Jinsun, I think I have some sample vials of KC. Will have a look and PM you to send you one.
  7. Gosh, what a coincidence... I swear I was thinking the same thing today!! I am totally out of perfume and had a teeny drop of Kelly Caleche in a sample spray. I also had about a 1/2 vial of Jardin in a sample sprayer. So, I put both on and thought that they smelled exactly the same!
  8. I bought the Kelly Caleche

    and came out in a terrible rash all over my neck, have had it there for three weeks, I didnt get that with Eau marveille. ( sigh)
  9. I've got samples of both--I've been thinking of purchasing the Nil perfume--I just totally love it! My SA tossed me a sample of the Kelly Caleche as well and I must say, I'm really enjoying it! To me they don't smell at all alike the Nil has a lightness, a grassy tone that I really like. It's subtle and doesn't jam up your nose. The Kelly has a maturity I'm really enjoying and it works great with my body lotions--I've got these scented lotions from kiehl's that I use daily. The Kelly is very "friendly" with other scents. Maybe that's why they smell similar to some? The Kelly is so easy to mix with other scents, it's a cameleon.
  10. Oh no!

    I don't find that KC and JslN smell alike either. KC has a much stronger rose element to me, and of course the leather scent too, while JslN is much lighter and more citrus-y. I do find KC to be a bit too strong on me though, whereas my other H perfumes are strong at first and then die down a bit (I normally wear either eau de mervailles or 24 fauborg).
  11. Well, I think since they were both created by the same perfumer (JC Ellena), they will have a lot of similar notes and that's probably the similarity you smell. Upon drydown, they are very dissimilar IMO but Ellena does have a "signature" so I understand how parts may smell the same!
  12. Does anyone know what scent they use in their boutiques? I'm addicted to that smell....

  13. Would you really? Thanks so nice of you!!!! I do hope you find one =).
  14. I love the freshness of un Jardin Sur Le Nil, but on my skin the Kelly Caleche is totally overpowering. One tiny drop, and I'm a walking rosebush.
  15. Me too Mizzle!! :p I have heard that it's the combination of all the perfumes and leathers.

    And to me, the closest thing to recreating that smell is their perfume/parfum Doblis. I LOVE it!! But, I wasn't about to spend $500 on a bottle (reissued in crystal, I believe) a few years ago.

    Somedays I regret it because I'd love to smell like Hermes! Is that weird?!?!?! :confused1:

    Also...I think Sur le Nil (citrus) and KC (leather) smell totally different.