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  1. Hello! I have a question for any jewelers out there. I recently bought a bracelet in Italy that is similar to the Fope Flex-It style (I was told it was by Crivelli, though). I love the elastic idea but it is just a bit too large for my scrawny wrist. Is it possible to adjust or remove links from this kind of bracelet or would a jeweler basically have to restring or rebuild the entire bracelet? Thank you in advance for any guidance! XOXO
  2. For reference, my bracelet is similar to this one (without the word ‘Amore’). Hopefully it explains better the ‘stretch’ aspect of the bracelet. Thank you!
  3. If it is elastic the whole way through then how can they take out one without cutting the elastic?
    Unless I'm not understanding the concept properly.
  4. I’m not sure how it is put together, honestly. That is why I posed my question to jewelers about how or even if it could be adjusted. I am hoping someone might be familiar with the design and what is possible.
  5. I just got back from a jeweler. He couldn’t totally tell how the piece was put together either. He said he wouldn’t really know unless he took it apart and he was afraid that would destroy the bracelet. Looks like I might be stuck. :sad:
  6. Why don't you contact the manufacturer and ask how to resize the bracelet?

  7. That is a good idea and exactly what I will do! I think I will also contact the few jewelery stores stateside that carry this brand and see if they have any suggestions! Thank you! :smile:
  8. Good luck!
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  9. Hi Heidi, I have a bracelet like that and was told that it could not be sized. Mine is a little big too but it is so easy to wear IMG_5109.jpg
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  10. We sell this bracelet in my store and it can't be resized . I can't speak for other brands though but the ones we carry can not be resized. They are strung like that and it's basically not worth the trouble to resize some of these. Fwiw though, I don't know the exact bracelet that the op is talking about so hers may vary.
    I'm absolutely sure a jeweler could resize it if someone really really wanted it done but for most of these, it's more trouble than it's worth so they won't play with it. Each brand will vary though so it's best to speak directly with the manufacturer of the bracelet and go from there . Without knowing the exact specs, it's hard to give a definitive answer on this OP
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  11. Oh my goodness! Your bracelet is exquisite! Is it Crivelli also? Mine has a small pave diamond disc at the top, but I love the row of diamonds on yours!!! Thank you for your input! I appreciate it so much!

  12. Is the brand Crivelli? I will post a pic of mine tomorrow but it is very similar to the above. I think you are right—it can be resized but not easily. The jeweler who sold it to me in Italy said something to the effect of ‘Links can be removed but not fast.’ He spoke English but wasn’t fluent, so I’m not sure I fully understood. Or he could have just been trying to make a sale. Lol. It’s probably best not to risk ruining the bracelet, which is a special souvenir from our trip. Thank you for your input!!! I very much appreciate it!!
  13. It looks similar to the stretch bracelet that Gucci and Tiffany’s sold, or may still sell. The ones I’ve seen have little metal pieces in between each bead so it isn’t on elastic but rather a chain which is covered by the metal pieces. Sorry, it is difficult to explain. Very sturdy, but I doubt it is resizable and if so, not easily and definitely not inexpensively.
  14. Thank you Heidi. Mine is Treemme - which is another Italian brand. I would love to see yours. Perhaps if you found a local jeweller that was trained in Italy, who would have worked with this kind of thing before
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    I love all things Italian (but ESPECIALLY jewelry, lol) so I’m excited to know about Treemme! Thank you for sharing, Canturi Lover! Now I have another brand to watch for wishlist items! :heart:
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