Question for Jaune owners...

  1. Have you been wearing you bags alot, is it a color that goes well with your wardrobe? Do you feel it's too bright or are you happy with your purchase? Also, if anyone has any modeling pics for the Jaune Day, I would really appreciate if I can see them. I'm very intrigued by the Jaune Day. Thanks.
  2. What happened to the Jaune owners?
  3. Hello! I have a Jaune Twiggy that came last week. But I have not taken her out of the box yet to use.... I think Jaune is a color that would go with a lot of things if you're brave and bold. Plus it's such a happy color!
  4. Since I got my jaune twiggy last week, I've been using it almost everyday except when it rained yesterday and when I wore red a few days ago. I think it pretty much goes well w/alot of colors !
  5. I might not do any help, I bought the Twiggy Jaune that I returned again, it is not because of something wrong with the color but it is because I would like to have it in Step than in Twiggy. Once I have my Step, I am sure that I will wearing it alots.....I think with Black, Jaune can't go wrong at all.
  6. here's a pic of it in action a day i wore it to a carnival, hahah :smile:

  7. Thanks Sammy! Now I have to have this!!!
  8. Just realized the other pics are on the fifth page, not the second!

    spylove- you should definitely go for it, it's a wonderful bag! IMHO, definitely the best style for this colour! :p
  9. I have the jaune work.....LOVE IT!!!!
    Goes with everything....totally rocks with blues/purples/blacks/browns......

    goes with everything!!!!:love::love::love::wlae::wlae:
  10. oh now I'm thinking of a jaune twiggy or day! and I'm not a yellow girl!
  11. ^^me too, I'm not a a yellow girl, but for some reason the Jaune Day looks so yummy!
  12. Strangely it is such a powerful and distinctive colour that I don't worry about matching it up with my clothes. It seems to be OK with most things.
  13. I have a jaune work and tend to be really shy with color. I was really unsure of the color when I firs got it, I couldn't decide if I liked it. But, after carrying it around I find it looks so good with the majority of my wardrobe, that it has quickly become my one of my all time favorite bbag colors.
  14. I have a Jaune City and I love it. I thought it would only go with certain things but it's not a really yellow bag. It's very wearable and everyone that has seen it wants it and loves it. Very unusual color, bright, but not too bright, it's beautiful and I think it is going to get better & better with age.