Question for J12 owners

  1. I have the 33mm J12 watch. I know this is a stupid question, but I found by accident that the bezel spins around. I usually have it so that the "0" lines up with the 12 and then the "15" with the 3, etc. I noticed that sometimes the bezel seems to have changed position. Is it supposed to do this? What is the purpose of the movement of the bezel? Thanks for your help. I tried to look in the owner's manual, but it didn't say anything about this.
  2. haha....

    Well, I just learned because I got a J12 too! The bezel is a like a timer. For example if you have a half hor lunch you move the 0 to the current time and the 30 spot will show you and be at the time in which your 30 minutes would be up. Does that make sense?