Question for J12 Owners???

  1. Hi....Can anyone tell me how much retail price of J12 watch, Color White with diamonds & without diamonds??? We have no chanel boutique here where I came from. Thanks..:confused1:
  2. I recently purchased the white 38mm w/ diamond bezel it is $11,500.00 USD.
  3. 33mm white w/ no diamonds is $3650 I believe.
  4. Too much that's how much! :crybaby:
    I think I'm going to have to wait atleast 2 more years until I can fully afford one of those babies.
  5. black 33mm with diamond markers 4,600 ;)
  6. j12 watch 38mm no diamonds $3950 usd
  7. the one i am getting the j12 38mm with diamond markers in white is 4900.
  8. Thank, Ladies!! But I am not familiar with the sizes 0f 38mm, 33mm...& the diamonds. If you can...if you dont mind, pls post some pics of your J12 so I can imagine which one would suit me. Thanks...thanks!!! :smile:
  9. look for other threads (J12 related in chanel forum)..
    hope u can see what u are looking for...
    33mm more of a ladies size..whereas 38mm (unisex)...
    I've got a 38mm black with diamond markers...the chanel boutiques in Sg has "up" their price...
    was $8000 Sing dollar (exchange rate Sing $1.51= USD$1) S$8600.
  10. Hmm..everyone said the 38mm is unisex, but last time I asked my bf to try on my 38mm J12, it looked tiny on him (p.s. he's not big at all:sweatdrop:).
  11. I also have a question, I have a larger wrist bc im overweight:crybaby:is it really small or can they add links if need be?
  12. I had 3 links removed - it is very large out of the box - they fit it for your wrist...adding or removing should not be a problem.

  13. OH ok!:yahoo: thanks for the info:smile:
  14. These are mine.

    33mm Black J12 w/diamond markers
    33mm White J12 w/diamond bezel

  15. I never get sick of looking at these pictures. :love: