Question for J12 owners!

  1. Is the authenticity card you received with the watch hand written on the back or is it pre-printed?
    My authenticity card is hand written on the back with the info on the watch except the serial number. I am kinda surprised because all my Chanel handbags authenticity cards are pre-printed and the serial number matches the tag in the bag. Just wondering if this is normal. I purchased the watch at NM so I am just making sure it wasn't a return.
  2. I just checked Nerphanie's and it is hand written also.
  3. Ok, great! That makes me feel better. Thanks so much for checking on this for me cutestmomever! I appreciate it!
  4. Hi Bellabags, did you get my PM response?

    I checked both of my watches and the card is blank on both. Not even filled in by hand, just blank.:yes:
  5. ^Thanks Monica! I just got your pm this morning!
  6. My card is stamped with the Chanel Boutique at the Bellagio Las Vegas and then the address.
    The serial number and other info is handwritten.
  7. Mon,
    Why would they leave your card blank? :confused1:
  8. The cards are def handwritten cause the retailer/jeweller fills the info in for you at time of purchase so the guarantee can come into effect. If it's blank or the serial nos don't match it invalidates the guarantee
  9. Really? Why? I have the receipts with the watches that have the same information that would be filled in on the card when purchased. I'll have to call and get this straightened out with Neimans and Saks then.
  10. Hmm Mon, mine is left blank as well! Will def need to check too!
  11. Ok, well mine is filled out with the date of purchase, NM stamp, model # but no serial number. Should I take the watch back and have her put the serial number on the authenticity card? Now that we have these other posts, it bothers me that the serial number is not preprinted on the card. It should be just like our bags are and then the SA can fill in the rest of the purchase information. I am surprised that Chanel would leave the serial number blank and to be filled in by the SA.
  12. I think you can just write the serial number yourself.
  13. Are there an SA's initials or signature on the card if it is filled out? If not, I don't see why you couldn't fill it out yourself - kwim?

    I'm not concerned that my cards are blank, I have my receipts. But I will check this out with Chanel.:yes:
  14. ^I can't remember if the SA's initials are on it. I will check that out tonight and post.
  15. There's no SA's initials on Nerphanie's.