question for j12 ceramic owners...

  1. im pretty positive a LOT of ya own em... (seems like we're always discussing bags and such tho!!)

    well, i've ALWAYS wanted a white j12 ceramic with the diamond bezel -problem is; im just a working college girl... and not fortunate enough to have my mom or bf pick one upp for mee :]

    i didnt want to settle and get the basic model, i figured id just save -but theres a HUGE difference btw 3500 and 9000-something!! (i'll be saving for a good minute...!) so, ive had thoughts of just settling and getting the basic model ---> BUT, have heard that you can always get the diamond bezel from chanel later on, and have it replaced

    -is this true?? eeep HELP
  2. I have never heard this. It is worth a call to Chanel for sure.

    I have the diamond bezel J-12, but I like the plain one too. You're right there's a HUGE difference in price between the two. If I were in your position I'd get the ceramic watch with plain bezel.:yes:
  3. My hubby bought me his watch of choice for Christmas so I cannot dare ask for a J12 even though I could buy like 3 or 4 of them with this awful thing but here is one that seems like a great deal and I know the gal that has this store: designer accessories at a fraction of the price.#
    I wear the presidential to make him happy once a week and use my stainless/wg version the rest of the time...
  4. Hey J.,

    Good to see you! Couldn't you buy yourself a J-12 and keep it in your purse then switch watches when you get to the office?:P
  5. I would save up for the's beautiful.^^^^^Congrats to the ladies who enjoy this HOT watch!**JEALOUS**:shocked:
  6. I have the J12 large with diamond markers - its plain but has a little something. There is also a new style with the inner watch circle covered w/diamonds. And the black model with ruby markers.
  7. Definitely call the Chanel store in BH--when I picked out mine I was deciding between basic or with the diamond bezel and I thought I had heard the SA say something to that effect as well. If they can't do it, you can always have a jeweler add the diamonds later if your warranty has expired (I can't remember if it's lifetime warranty or not). If you do it before expiration any modifications will void the warranty. I think the basic white model is quite lovely by the way!
  8. This is true . I had a LONG conversation w/ the most adorable SA at Wynn Chanel about this . He told me I could get the basic and upgrade as my finances allowed . I'm positive .
  9. I wish SAs had the same information. I just spoke to an SA in Fine Jewelry who informed me that I couldn't add diamonds later on if I purchased the basic model.

    I think I'm going to get the white with the diamond bezel. I really like the Camelia watches, but $18,000 is almost too much. :nuts: