Question for Inky Paws

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  1. I don't want to get into a whole pro-fur/con-fur question but I was hoping you could explain something since you are obviously involved, informed and active. Does the leather that is used for bags really come from the same cattle that is raised for food? It may or may not make the use of leather more palatable but it would seem more efficient and serving of the "natural" food chain.

    Do you know?
  2. Great question and I am happy to discuss it or even debate it. First let me state that I am totally against animal cruelty especially for somthing as superfical as fashion!

    I'm going to get long winded here, but I can't help it. I know that everyone has different opinions about animal cruelty either due to ignorance, selfishness or just plain not caring. I also know that if each person would educate themselves that they could find a level of animal cruelty or cruelty prevention that they are comfortable with. It is a tough debate and a fine line to walk. Everyone even just 1 single person can help to make a difference.

    It is very very tough to go 100% animal free and cruelty free. It takes a very committed and unselfish person to do this. (think Gwenth Paltrow, Linda,Paul & Stella McCarthy, Joquien Pheonix, etc.) They do not eat or use any animal products whatsoever. Just because a person can not or does not want to go to this extreme does'nt mean that they can't still make an effort to be cruelty free or to stand up and make some type of statement.

    It is hard to explain, here are some personal examples: I would not eat Tuna when all of the dolphins were being caught in the tuna nets,suffocating and dying). Now the Tuna industry is monitored and you can buy "dolphin safe" tuna, I'll buy it. I feel better knowing that because so many people like me banned buying tuna, it made it a little safer for the dolphins. See the line here? (not to split hairs or to pat myself to much on the back as actually hundreds or thousands of dolphins still needlessly die each year as the dolphin safe tuna only means that they will not kill more than xxx amount of dolphins each year wihile trying to get the tuna.)

    I left a nice paying job in Oil & Gas to work for FREE at an exotic animal sanctuary and let me tell you, it is so worth it to be able to give something back! I personally do not eat beef, use products that are tested on animals (to the best of my knowledge) or eat in a restaurant that serves Veal (so horrible inhumanely treated - but that's another story) I will not buy fur or wear anything that has fur on it! Fur is the most cruel and selfish thing I can imagine wearing! I think that people that have to go to that length to prove themselves, to impress others or (in their opinion) to look glamourous just screams to me "Hey, look at me, I can afford to wear dead animals on my back that were tortured their entire life just for a coat for me! to wear" So sad and so selfish! To the arguement that (ignorant, selfish or self centered people make) "well that is what they were raised for", These animal are tourtured and misrable their entire life. they are over bred, living in wire bottom cages barely large enough for them to lie down or turn around, not much a of life, is it? Then a metal prod is shoved up their butt and they are electracuted till dead! There is not way that this can be considered anything but cruel as this animal is tortured its entire life!

    At least with cattle, they do live a comfortable and normal life in their natural enviroment until they are slaughtered. Also with cattle, the entire cow is put to use and not just wasted. We eat the beef, leather is made from the hides, hooves and horns can be used a dog treats, I think that fat is used for candles and soap and whatever is left over can be ground up and made into herferd logs to feed other carnivors. (This is what the Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Cougars I take care of eat as their main staple.) With this reasoning, I do use leather products.

    Now that the entire cow is used and not wasted, there are some cases where and when a baby calf is raised and slaughtered just for its hide the really soft thin supple kind. Usually the "European" leather is much more expensive, this used to be because here in the US we use Barb wire which will leave scars on the cow and then the hide and leather.

    So I guess I have made some people be able to justify or feel better about using leather products, I hope that I have also discouraged people from buying, wearing or using fur!
  3. So you believe, with confidence, that U.S. cows are used for both meat and leather? I'm not playing devil's advocate, I really want your opinion and thoughts on that specific question.

    You've provided a very thorough discussion of the issue. You are obviously very passionate but you didn't resort to hysterics. Much appreciated!:biggrin:
  4. I am in no means an expert on this and these are just my personal opinions Yes it is my belief and understanding that here in the US as much of the cow is used as possible. (Capitalisum) This is not to say that all leather comes from beef cattle.

    I'm not sure about this as I really try not to think about it or dwell on it but... if I would have to guess how it works, I think that the cattle go to the slaughterhouse and once they are killed their skin/fur or hide is ripped from their bodies and then the hide is sent (sold) to a tannery to be processed and the carcus or body is then sent (sold) to a meat processor. The meat processor (butcher) cuts up the carcus for the pieces of meat that people eat which are then sold to grocery store and restaurant chains. The left over parts that are unuseable for human comsumption are sold to various other companies. Such as grissel, organs, body bits and pieces are ground up and made into herford logs. Bone can be ground up and used for fertilizer or made into geltin for candles, glue and wax. Hooves (although usually calves not mature cows) are sold as dog chewies. Even the blood can be used for something.

    If this is a matter that is important to you, I encourage you to educate yourself and to take a stand for what you believe! Not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Every single one of us can make a difference no matter how small!
  5. Thanks for the information. I have to be honest and say that I haven't fully formulated my opinions and I KNOW I own things that would offend you.:embarasse But I'm interested in the discussion and the thoughts of others. I don't feel I'm ready to take a stand as my position isn't fully formed. I do think the most dangerous people are those who take a stand without knowing the situation fully -- when it comes to animal rights, politics, religion, anything.

    Thank you again.
  6. It is neve
  7. Wow Inky Paws I have so much admiration for you and what you do.

    It has always been my wish if i didnt have to work to dedicate my time to helping animals. I still hope that one day I am in the position to do that. (I'm hoping for a rich husband) ;)
  8. Issmom, it's never too late to change your beliefs and take a stand for what you belive in. Not just talk the talk, but walk the walk so to speak. Each and every person CAN make a difference no matter how small (think of the starfish story!!!) Even if (collective) you have bought fur in the past, you can choose not to ever purchase it again! The current fashion trends are using so much fur not only for coats, but for purses, boots, etc. causing the suffering and killing of animals for nothing more than thier skin. If no one will buy it, they will quit making it!

    Iluvbags and anyone, you can always make a difference! If you work you can donate $ to animal organizations no matter how small the amount, it is always appreciated! You can donate usable items to local organzations, call to see what they can use. (I know we can never get enough food, feed, bedding, crates, cages etc.) You can volunteer your time at special events or just a couple times a month whatever fits into your schedule. I usually volunteer 2 days a week, rain, snow and hot days! You can even (as hubby and I have) make provision in your will or life insurance goes to your animal charities. Our is going 100% to benefit the animals!!!! What I couldn't do in life I can do in death. (We don't have kids)

    I just got one of our local fire departments (today) that was getting new fire hoses to donate their old ones to the sanctuary! The monkeys and Coaties love to climb on them and the smaller cats can play with them too. See someone else's trash is someones treasure.

    Now I am by no means wealthy just plain old middle class and if it wasn't for having a very understanding husband I wouldn't be able to help as I do. I wish I was wealthy so that I could donate a ton of money and be able to see a difference, but I'm not, so I give of my time. I have choosen to sacrifice financially so that I can feel good knowing that I did something great and unselfish and was part of the cure not the problem.

    I don't get to buy tons of fancy and expensive bags, but that is my choice. Personally, I feel guilty carrying a $700 bag knowing that, that money could have paid for cementing one of the animals pens, but if I never got stuff for me, I would get burned out.
  9. I do take a stand for what I believe in and I support several excellent causes with my time and my money and my heart. Animal rights happens to not be at the very TOP of my list but I'm interested in the education. Thanks again.