Question for "Ink" Owners

  1. Do you find Ink to be a versatile color? I'm considering it, but can't figure out what I would wear it with other than jeans.
  2. I used to own a Balenciaga in ink, which is just like Coachs ink and it went very well with all colors. The only color I didnt like it with much was black.
  3. i wear my ink duffle all the time...usually when i'm wearing some sort of blue, like a denim jacket and black pants. i do wear it all the time w/jeans or blue sweaters...anything. i love it.
  4. I have to agree with Kimmie - I have a Balenciaga in ink, too! And I LOVE the color. I think it goes best with denim, gray, burgundy and navy, but it's actually neutral enough to go with just about anything. It's not bad with black, but be/c both colors are so dark I think you don't see the lovely shade of blue as much.
  5. Coach uses color in a great way, most of us are afraid of "color" that's why there are a lot of "white" walls in our houses. Consider the color wheel, tone and contrasts. Navy w/cream, camel, army green, navy w/red, burgundy, browns, navy w/soft yellows/ochres, Blue and Gold are great! It really is neutral and you can also make it pop. And, traditionally you don't wear it with black. Have fun with it. I am not against black, but it is not my most favorite. Black is flat, navy has depth and is richer in color.