Question for Hong Kong tPFers!

  1. I will be going to China this summer with my class. From what I gathered in tPF LVs in China are more expensive but they're cheaper in Hong Kong. I won't be in HK but will be in Macau for one day. We'll be visiting the Sands Casino for a tour and then have 1.5 hours to ourselves before leaving for the mainland. I want to run to the Wynn (for the LV boutique) from the Sands but don't know how far they are from each other. Will I be able to get there, shop, and return to the Sands to meet up with my class in 1.5 hrs? Also, is Macau pricing the same as cheaper HK prices or more expensive China prices? Are there reputable LV resellers in Macau?

    BTW, I know that people will suggest that I hop on over to HK but our time is already planned out and I can't...but really wish I could!

  2. There is an LV at the Oriental hotel, right beside Sands.
    You may consider visiting there instead!
  3. it will take at least 1 hr ferry ride one way from HK to macau so that is out of the question (unless u take a helicopter hehe)
  4. Thanks! I'll prob do that instead. But is it a large boutique?
  5. reviving any old thread, does anyone know if macau pricing is the same or cheaper than hk? is it is cheaper than HK, how much cheaper is macau? thanks!
  6. wondering how much is speedy 25 & 30 in HK?
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