Question for Heritage stripe tote Owners?

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  1. I had the med. size pink tote and now I have exchanged it for a large size green one after seeing the color that a SA had its is a real pretty green the one reason
    I got the large is that the SA,s had a zipper- the large one and my med. had none!
    Now I see a med on eBay and it has a zipper does yours? another question do you think this is strudy enough for a smaller lab top even the med.? thanx for your help!
  2. I have the medium pink one and it has a zip top. I think it might be sturdy enough to hold a lap top but mine is too big to try! heehee I can't wait to see your green one!
  3. Another TPFer got one without a zipper as well - turns out it was a pilot bag. All three sizes are supposed to come with zippers.

    Post pics of your green one! I am dying to see it IRL! :drool:
  4. All three sizes are SUPPOSED to have a zipper closure but the first one sent to me in the medium did not. It had the leash clip closure but it also had a P at the end of the style #. The replacement one I had sent did have a zipper closure. I don't think the medium would be big enough for most laptops. I think the large would be and I think it would be sturdy enough unless your laptop is really big and or really heavy!
  5. I knew something was wrong! I will post the green large . When I get her !The green leather trim is a dark green. Even if I exchange her again for a med I will take pics before I do! I have the smaller size labtop
    maybe the large will work out anyways you never know!
  6. I got the pink, but also :heart: the green. My mom plans on getting the green so I'll surely "borrow" it :graucho: Looking forward to seeing your pictures, congrats :tup: