Question for Gucci Experts! Resale Value??

  1. What would be a good re-sale value for the black wave hobo? regular price is $1095!
  2. In all honesty,I usually go down to almost half price(about 40 %,) when re-selling bags....SIGH....Gucci doesnt hold its value well.....(Chanel and LV hold their value better IMHO)
  3. I agree Jill, I have been trying to sell my Gucci's at below half of what I paid and they still don't sell. Most are just like new, all my Louis and Chanels sell immediately but not Gucci.
  4. that sucks for me.....
  5. Is that the case with all gucci's or just certain styles? Thats surprising to hear I thought for sure they sold pretty well.
    I love this place I learn something new everyday!
  6. Unfortunately, Gucci doesn't have as good resale value. I agree with Jill and zippie, you will probably have to price it at least 50% off as it is not one of the higher demand styles.
  7. Ok agreed then, 50% off it is!

  8. :true:...been there...!!!!

    I always feel better though if the new adoptee is also a handbag lover so at least I know the bag is going to a good home..LMAO!!
  9. Thanks Jill....lets hope so!
  10. I would've thought the resell would be better. Thank goodness I don't have many Gucci's to sell.
  11. It's so upsetting but true. Gucci resale isn't that great. I just sold one for less than half and I just wanted to die but I needed the money for new goodies.
  12. I guess its best to always buy Gucci bags for really cheap(IF POSSIBLE) or just be really sure of the ones we get so we don't need to re-sell them!
  13. IMO, Gucci is too seasonal/trendy. One can tell which season Gucci bags it is just by hardware along. The seasonal bags always go on sale at the end of the season, 30% off for the canvas and 40% off for leathers. And, the heavy discount at outlets does not help with its resell value. Was at outlet recently, and the Pelham style with canvas only sells for $639 at the outlet, which is a discount of over 50%.

    I would probably price the bag at least 40 to 50% off retail, just my opinion though.
  14. Yes. Dior too. I once got a Gucci leather bag at the outlets for $199, which had a retail of over $1000. And a Dior bag for $78. I don't think Gucci and Dior hold their values well at all.
  15. Yeah tell me about it, I bought the leather grace bag from the outlet this summer at 55% OFF.