Question for GST owners

  1. The GST has been growing on me a lot lately, however, I saw a lady with one on the street today, and it looked like it had a lot of creases or folds in it, and the top corners look like they had been curled through a lot of rubbing/touching with her armpit area (KWIM?)

    Is this common in the GST? I'm pretty anal with my handbags and take good care of them, so I don't think it would be too much of an issue, but the folding/creasing in the bag worried me a little bit. Is that normal with average use?
  2. I have had mine for a year and I do not see any wear or creases in the corner. I'm also very tiny (4'10) and the bag does not brush up against my pit, so that may have something to do with it as well! Much like yourself, I am completely anal and very careful with my bags, soI do everything I can to keep them in mint condition.
  3. Thanks for your reply Kam7185.

    I was looking through eBay, and I saw this picture too (I"m sooo sorry if this belongs to anyone). I'm just curious to know how these creases get in the bag (I've seen them a lot) and wonder if it's normal:
  4. I think the caviar sort of softens up a bit with use and that causes a little bit of sagging?
  5. :wtf: That's definitely due to improper handle! The owner probably didn't stuff the GST with storing it, the weight of handle pulls down the top of bag. Caviar do gets soften with use, so it's important to stuff the bag when it's not being used! I have no problem with my GST or PST, none of them are 'creased' in the middle...poor baby!:crybaby:
  6. I have both bags. I do not baby my bags.

    They slouch. And with time, no matter how you treat them (unless you constantly keep them stuffed with tissues in the closet) they will slouch and crease, it's just the nature of the leather. Leather isn't cardboard after all. You can minimize the slouching effect by always hanging the bag from a chair rather than setting it on a table. Gravity will work its magic no matter what, though, so just enjoy the bag. When loved and used, a bag is not going to look like the very same day you brought it home. That's my philosophy anyway!

    Just use it and enjoy -- I am personally not attracted to brand-spanking new looking bags... kind of like how brand-new tennis shoes always look wrong to me. I like a worn in purse.
  7. mine does not crease- I am rough on bags- but the corners did sort of loose the perfect box shape because I let it sit on a table w/ one side heavier than the other- I kinda like it less boxy though
  8. Interesting. I'm probably going to get one for xmas, and will definitely make sure to stuff it when not in use.

    It seems like such a structured bag that it wouldn't really slouch, but I guess it does....
  9. You took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard!)
    I use my GST frequently and it looks smooshy on the bottom. I put EVERYTHING in it and carry it on my arm. It's (a) too heavy for my shoulder and (b) doesn't stay put unless I have a shoulder pad in my jacket or sweater. I expect the Medallion Tote not to get misshapen, because it has a very structured shape. I don't consider the GST a structured bag even though it is square. I think the leather is meant to mould to your shape and the contents of the bag. I consider my LVs (two MC and one Epi) structured and nothing ever changes their shape. I have one that I have been using regularly for several years and looks brand new.
    bordeaux_gst.jpg shoes&bags 005.jpg
  10. This pic doesnt look right. The CC's are way too low on the bag. I just looked at my GST and I'm thinking this might be a PST. Either way, I dont think the CC's are suppose to be that low. It could be a fake. And if it is fake, the quality is crap which could be why its sagging so much. I have never seen a PST or GST look so bad! I dont think its typical at all.
  11. I agree...think the pic is of a PST.
  12. That pic is a PST. I notice that the newer GST's seem to be softer. Maybe its the new Caviar? The GST bag seems to look like its melting after a while. Its not as structured as it appears.
  13. I agree with IntlSet ^^. Personally, I like the way a bag feels when I've carried it a bit and it "fits" me. I actually thot my GST was too boxy, so I like how the bottom has softened a bit. But then I used to intentionally scuff my new tennis shoes and wash my jeans several times before wearing them when I was a teenager!
  14. I have the GST and carry it a lot, with a lot of stuff, but when I am not using it I do keep it stuffed, and have no creases, slouching or curled corners, so I guess it is just on how hard you are on it and how you take care of it. You should ask Purrrfect she has 4 or more GST's and she would know.
  15. Thanks for all your replies. I guess the dimensions of the PST (since it's taller than it is wide) make it more prone to slouching.

    Judy, your bordeaux GST is GORGEOUS!!!