question for grey reissue owner....

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  1. last week i got a black reissue, and i am so in love with it that i got a grey reissue as well. I just got a grey one today and i am so dissapointed with the way it looks. It looks like it has a lot of.... what appear to be scratches. I am assuming these are scratches because they have the same patterns (3 vertical lines close to each other). Is it normal? I inspected my black reissue and I dont see any of these "3 vertical line scratches".
    Can anyone who has a grey reissue tell me if this is normal or not?
  2. can you post pics?
    do you mean it looks distressed? it could have been scratched from storage?
  3. Jennifer....
    I dont think it is distressing because I would think distressing will be pretty random (just like in balenciaga bags). I think they are scratches, but I am not too sure.
    WIll post pics in a min, and please tell me what you think of these scratches.
  4. okay, here are the pics....
    the scratches are these 3 or more vertical lines very close to each other....

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  5. i have a gray reissue. I think yours looks totally normal. That's the distressed leather.
  6. ITA ^^^ plus it's on the inside! I wouldn't worry about it! Looks great!
  7. yeah, i think it's pretty normal. most likely, they are small scratches due to the chain since the chain is all metal. the scratches are really not noticeable unless you're looking for them. i wouldn't worry about them! your bag looks great.
  8. thanks for the insights ladies....
    i just stared at these scratches again and still not liking it too much.
    I will sleep on it and stare at these scratches again tomorrow......
  9. That looks to be a normal grey Reissue. I first bought a grey one because of all the raves on the forum, but eventually decided I just was not in love. I returned it and eventually got a black one with silver hardware. Although it doesn't have the stamping of the original versions, I wouldn't trade mine in for a different one.

    Go with what you love!
  10. I don't have the reissue, but I have the vintage flap, which also uses distressed leather. There were a coupla times when I looked at the leather and thought, oh no! Scratches!!!! But then when I looked again, they disappeared. Cos just be the distressing ie. will go away.
  11. I have the black one too, and it looks perfect (aka no scratches IMO, just distressing). Maybe it is because of the color huh? It is more noticable in grey?
  12. It looks better than my bordeaux reissue. I think they all look like that, I think it's fingernail marks and other things from being handled. I would keep it....But if it REALLY bothers you, go with another style bag. Again, it is a beautiful bag.
  13. I also think these are just minor scratches from handling. It does look normal. :yes:
    I do have both black and grey and it is possible to scratch both of them, but it is slightly more visible on grey.
    With time and use, these minor scratches would just add to the character of bag.
    However, if it really bothers you may be you can try gently rub it with (clean and oil free) finger and see if scratches would disappear? :idea:
    Your bag is beautiful,:heart: but see how you feel about the way it wears and if it makes you happy.
  14. I looked at the bag again today and rubbed the scratches with my fingers and believe it or not, they look less like scratches and more like distressing.
    I think I am going to keep her. Thanks for your opinions ladies....
    I really aprreciate it... and I apologize for freaking out a bit :P
  15. I have the grey reissue and love it love it love it. It is a classic bag with a lot of character and the grey really gives it a new twist.