Question for girls w/ Rouge Vif City's...

  1. I just bought mine from Aloha Rag, and am now second-guessing myself... is Rouge Vif a versatile color? What shades/colors do you wear yours with? Thanks... and sorry if this has already been asked.
  2. I love my rouge vif City and I consider red as a basic classic color. I wear it with everything from business casual to jeans and etc. It really gives a pop to your outfits.
  3. :drool:
    i reckon ROUGE VIF goes with just about everything! Totally agree with what Irissy has said! :graucho:
    Wear your ROUGE VIF your way!!! :wlae: woop woop!!!
  4. I agree with Irissy and Helen, red is a really great basic colour to have. It goes so well with so many things and gives a great burst of colour, even with simple jeans and top. You can't go wrong with a red bag, especially one as beautiful as rouge vif.
  5. I love the way it looks with jeans or with a suit, but my problem is shoes. I am still not 100% happy with the way it looks with either black or brown shoes and I can't wear eopard print all the time:confused1:
  6. I also bought my Rough Vif City from Aloha Rag when I was in Honolulu last month. I agree with all the other posts - it has been a great color to wear with everything. It will be my main purse for winter that will add a burst of color to a dark wardrobe.

  7. I have a Twiggy but I love wearing it with NEUTRALS and jeans. I find it too much if I'm wearing an already loud outfit so I wear it only with mellow outfits.
  8. I agree with what everyone. It goes with most everything! The nice thing is you can either dress it up or down. The only colors I wouldnt wear it with is pink, lavender and pastel green.:smile:
  9. I think it's a very versatile color! I find I wear it with most of my outfits. I like it with black, white, yellow, green, etc... I think it looks best with contrasting colors. Here are a couple pics showing me and my Rouge Vif paired with diff oufits/colors...
    Rouge Vif White top jeans shoulder.jpg Rouge Vif yellow green tee shoulder.jpg Rouge Vif on shoulder front.jpg
  10. i wear mine with anything, i go by what bag do i feel like carrying today? LOL.
  11. I saw rouge vif (first) for the first time IRL today and I was amazed by how saturated that color is! It's soooo red. It made me think it would be too much for me, especially in a bigger bag like a city. But maybe I should live a little and snap out of my neutral state!
  12. Rouge vif is such a pretty red that my mom even tries to steal it away from me. I ended up buying her a red Coach bag to deter her attn away from my little rougey! :angel:
  13. I adore my rouge vif. I think any bag THAT red is really a show stopper! I get compliments on it all the time!
  14. thanks everyone... i am reassured!!

    can't wait to get it in the mail... it was shipped TODAY!
  15. What price did you get your Rouge Vif for at AlohaRag? Thanks ;)