Question for Gigi Owners

  1. Will the straps on Gigi allow you to wear her on your shoulder with a winter coat? They seem short in photos.
  2. I'd say yes, but it depends on the thickness of the coat. I can just barely slip Gigi on my shoulder one handed, my elbow hits the bag when I do, but it still works. If I were to wear a thick jacket, I'd probably have to use my other hand to pull it up onto my shoulder.

    If it's a thinner, wool peacoat type jacket then I'd say it should be fine, but if it's a thick, puffy down jacket I'm not sure.
  3. I have a black wook coat and a brown tweed coat. The Gigi fits fine over both of them without a problem. I have not tried with my puffy down jacket yet. I will check this out tonight and let you know.
  4. I'm a plus size girl too, so that would also make a difference. *L*
  5. I am on the "thicker" side as well. I can wear my Gigi on my shoulder now because it is summer. When I wear my suits at work, it goes up but slides down. I don't it will go over my shoulder during wool coat season.

    I hope this help.

  6. Here are some pictures with the Gigi with a white puffer jacket. The straps do fit over the puffer jacket but it is snug. The straps on the Gigi do work nicely over a tweed coat or a wool fitted coat which is what I usualy wear as I don't like being too warm. I hope these pictures help.
    The Gigi is a great bag.
    IMG0001_57.jpg IMG0001.jpg IMG0002.jpg IMG0001_59.jpg