question for GH city owners! the strap?

  1. hi ladies, as most of you know, i received my very first GH city bag.. I have a question about the strap..

    I usually carry my city bags on my forearm, and just let the strap dangle on the back of the bag. It seems that the strap on my HG city is very thick and sort of stiff.

    How do you ladies carry your HG bags with the strap attached? Will the strap scratch the back of the bag?

    i would rather leave the strap on than take it off as i want the option to hang it by the strap in a restaurant or something... also i like the look of the strap on there.. For now i am sort of stuffing the strap into the top of my opened bag.. i guess this is working..

    also, when carrying the bag on the shoulder with the strap, the hardware sort of makes the handles stick out and not lay flat. not a problem, but sort of different... hmm..

    love to know how you ladies carry your HG city bags:heart:
  2. i usually clutch it on my forearm or carry it via the thick strap on the shoulder. i love city bags, some people don't like them because of the handles and strap . the strap doesn't really get stuck on the shoulder actually, but i just love the shape of it! i leave the strap hanging because the strap's like a part of the bag and if it comes off, it's just strange. maybe i could try part time next but i'm not into the 'east west' shape. looks too horizontally long on me cause i'm petite, but maybe i could try that next. no harm collecting one! :smile:
  3. thanks ladydeluxe. i agree, i think it looks better with the strap on too.. so i will just let it dangle on the back like i normally would with a RH city. So when you use the shoulder strap, do you find the handles bother you sticking out?
  4. I don't use the strap much because the handles do tend tolook a bit odd that way unless I fiddle with them to get them aligned.

    I sling the handles over my shoulder but leave the strap hanging. It doesn't seem to have left any scratches. I wouldn't want the bag to fade more than the strap if I took it off and put it away.

    I would use the strap if I wore a thick coat.
  5. Usually, I leave the strap behind the bag. The handles do bother me sticking out, so I align / adjust them. Imagine opening your bag , the handles will be positioned at the both sides of the bag right? Yep, that's how I adjust the handles and position them in a way they don't irritate me. I like how the handles look that way cause they seem natural and give off the whole Balenciaga look (rugged/carefree/slouchy).

    I usually clutch my city bag though, unless both of my hands get busy. Hope that helps! :p
  6. ^^thank you so much.. Yes! that does help!!!
  7. For my GH City, I mostly carry it over my shoulder and let the longer shoulder strap hang where ever it falls, in the back or the front. When I need both hands.. I use the longer shoulder strap, and the handle closest to the body, I leave up, but I think I'll try the other way of leaving it down... because sometimes they get in the way. But I normally carry it over my shoulder. This is a very informative thread~!