Question for Gaucho experts...

  1. Do any of them have super long shoulder straps, one that could potentially be a messenger strap?
  2. Ok I just read in another thread that the double can be worn as a messenger...

    Does anyone have any photos?

    Thank you!!
  3. I tried searching for photos on the web but i couldn't find it.

    I wore the medium (smaller size) as a messenger and it works for me because i'm short 5'3''.

    I think the large one definitely has more strap.. i'm thinking off hand 3-6 inches approximately. It can be worn as a messenger, but not the type where the bag will sit on your hip.. it'll be a little shorter than that.

    Sorry i couldn't be more descriptive : (
  4. No!! That's great to know, thank you. I'm small sized but 5'7". I just don't want the thing to be in my armpit, closer to my waist.
  5. the medium one is definitely not underneath my armpit. It's shorter than a typical "messenger bag" but long enough where i can get into the bag.

    I think the large gaucho would be perfect for your height! I originally wanted that one, but i was too short :lol:
  6. I'm 5'8" and I just tried on my medium as a messenger using the second to last hole on the strap, I looked ridiculous. I would definitely not recommend it. The double may look better because it's a bigger bag.
  7. ^^ HA!
    I love the way you wrote that.

    I really wish there was a Dior in Calgary so I could just go and try it out myself.
    Thanks for your help though!!
  8. Isn't there actually a new messenger this season?

    I remember seeing a pretty massive Gaucho. . . maybe it wan't a messenger. . .
    I don't know! LOL!
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