Question for Garden Party fans

  1. What materials the has Garden Party been made with?
    Especially wondering about Togo. I have seen some GPs on eBay that look like Togo.
    I have the Buffalo and Amazonia version, like Martha's. I love it, but Amazonia really worries me, as I have seen a couple of Amazonia bags that were totally shot. Amazonia cracks.
    Would like one in all leather without the silk lining. Any suggestions?
  2. Golconda, there was a GP PM recently sold on eBay in a leather that looked like Togo. It sold for quite a high price and I am pretty sure it was a fake. It was unlined. As far as I know the GPs in leather only come up to the size TPM and they are lined.

    The ones that I know of are:

    Toile/Buffalo in various colours. Unlined.
    Lambskin, 3 versions, black, brown, red. Lined.
    Rocabar (Ninja Sue has that one)/Leather. Unlined.
    Tweed/Leather. Unlined.
    "ribbed" (for lack of a better word) wool/Leather. Unlined.
  3. Gosh, a togo GPT - that would be almost a Birkin, wouldn't it? :yes: I'd love one of those but they do not exist. Dearest Hello is correct. She has listed all of the GPTs that I can think of. The vermillon and black tohu bohu twilly GPTs are veau swift and the brown one (from the year before) with the bolduc twilly is lamb leather.

    I did an experiment this week and traveled for three days/attended sevn meetings with only my little Bolide and an Hermes portfolio - I left the GPT at home. And that is the last time I leave that useful bag home! I missed it terribly for travel and have decided I need more GPTs!! This really is a great bag. Looks great and is extremely hardy.
  4. Hello, hello2703
    Thanks so much for your helpful reply, This is just what I wanted to know.
  5. Golconda, I sincerely hope you weren't the buyer of that bag!
  6. Absolutely not. I would be burning down the house!

    Someone else asked me if it were fake, and I said I did not think Hermes made GP in Togo. Thanks for confirming that. Sad that someone did pay so much for it though.
  7. ^That's what I thought too! I really felt sorry for the person - but then again not, because the seller was unable to supply additional photographs because of 'technical difficulties'. I had asked her to describe to me what the bag looked like from the inside and then I knew!
  8. The swift leather ones come only in TPM and TTPM --correct me if i am wrong
  9. Hi Golconda, I've got 2 Garden Party totes in toile/leather. One is in Togo.

    White Toile/Black Togo, lined with cotton bolduc print
    Beige Toile/Brown Buffalo, unlined

    ETA: I got both bags from H stores so they should be authentic :smile:
  10. kindly post ur pics of the togo
  11. Of course! I thought the question referred to an all-togo GPT (which is why I said it might as well be a Birkin!). The GPT lined with cotton bolduc is rare, isn't it?
  12. its gorgeous gigi
  13. To clarify my question..I meant a GP made of all Togo.

    Thanks for the picture...
  14. i think it comes in all swift leather or lamb not togo