Question for Gallery Tote Owners regarding the strap buckles...

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  1. Hi, Everyone! I've been admiring the Gallery Totes for some time now. I'm contemplating on purchasing one, although I haven't really tried one on yet IRL. Since I like carrying my purses on my shoulders, my concern is with the buckles on the straps of the Gallery Totes. For those who own them, have you had any problems with those buckles causing any problems for you with your totes fully loaded (ie. pain, digging into your shoulders, etc)? Thanks!!
  2. What a great question, I'm seriously thinking of buying one this weekend, hope someone answers.
  3. I personally don't like skinnier straps, my favorite straps are single ones like on the Carly or hobo bags.
  4. Candace, I had always felt the same way -in favor of the thicker one strap deals (ie. Carlys, Legacy shoulder bags, etc). But I am curious about how those skinnier straps hold up for those who own them and use them on a regular basis. I had brought up the "skinny" straps issues with an Coach SA once and she just laughed at me and said "It's a COACH purse, come on, it won't fall apart on you". Well, of course she's going to say that, she's trying to sell them! LOL
  5. I have been wondering the same thing! Anyone have some feedback on the comfort level of carrying the gallery totes on a daily basis? I am falling in love with the studded gallery tote and would like some feedback before I take the plunge. Anyone have modeling pics of this tote or one in a similar size (14"x9"x5")?
  6. Okay, not to be stupid or judgmental, but it really depends on your body size (i.e. do you have fat arms)?

    My best friend (skinny as a stick) wears the bag with no problem. Plenty of room in the straps and it doesn't dig on her arms. However, she doesn't keep much in her purses either.

    I am what you kindly call "a plus size girl". I have to be very careful about straps because they often do dig in my arms, although sometimes it is the large amount of crap (computers in particular) I put in the purses. I am assuming you want one of the larger totes with larger straps (I have the latest scarf in green with longer thin straps and I can wear it with all my junk but on a comfort level from 1to10 only a 6), I think the straps on the patchwork gallery tote are a little uncomfortable, but again I have big arms, stick lots of stuff in the purse, and is that one even suppose to go on your shoulder???

    I highly recommend you try one on at a local store just to see if you are comfortable. Also feel free to stick ALL your stuff in the display and walk around the store a couple of times. If you are okay then, likely you will still be okay with prolonged use.

    Other note, try it on with a winter coat if you wear one regularly. I have several bags that have to be benched for winter because the straps do not fit over my coat.

    If you are looking at one in particular I could go try it on tomorrow and let you know what I think (if you care).
  7. Thanks, Coachfreak! You brought up all good points! I guess I have medium size upper arms (I wish I has skinny ones!) and I do tend to pack my purse up with all kinds of stuff (I'm a gal who doesn't want to be caught off-guard without necessities!). Yes, I guess I am looking for the medium - large sized Gallery Totes (ie. Signature Large or the Leather Laced Large Totes) because I think the smaller totes have shorter straps (correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption), just from past experience. But I really like the new Signature Studded Gallery Tote - is that considered a "small" or a "medium" size tote? I didn't think of trying it on with a coat - GOOD POINT! Considering that the Arizona weather is now in the 80's (it was still around the 90's yesterday!), I didn't even think of it but I know it'll get pretty darn cold soon. I'll have to just go try these Gallery Totes on IRL. I'm just trying to avoid "browsing" at the Coach Boutiques around here - the SA's don't seem too friendly with you when you don't plan on buying. And they're not nice about you returning items either so I'm pretty much stuck with gathering as much info and making up my mind with that info prior to going to the store to purchase. I'm really grateful for all tPF gals with helping me out with this! :yes:
  8. I will also tell you ladies that the strap on the "regular" gallery totes is thicker than the straps on the studded gallery totes too.
  9. Alas, I just tried on the studded gallery tote this evening, and not only are the straps a little uncomfortable, but the tote it going to be too small for me. :crybaby:

    Looks like this is one bag I will just admire from afar...
  10. Im going Sunday and cant wait to try on all the totes:smile:
  11. I have the Gallery Book Tote and find it extremely comfortable. I don't usually like double straps, but these stay on my shoulder very well. The size of my bag is 12.5 x 12 x 4, and the strap drop is approximately 10.5". For reference, I am 5'2" and a size 6/8.
    Coach Red Gallery Book Tote1.jpg
  12. Do the buckles on the straps bother you at all? I'm the same height but I'm more a size 8/10. I'll have to try them on IRL to test them out.

    Thank you, everyone, for your opinions! You've been extremely helpful!
  13. In all honesty, I've never even noticed the buckles. They are kind of rounded inward so they don't stick out or catch on things. So far, no complaints at all:tup:.
  14. Awesome! Thanks, gotracey!
  15. I forgot to mention that the gallery book tote in my pic is a factory bag, not necessarily the one you'll currently find in the Coach store or department store. I think the one the OP is referring to is a little different in size and strap length than mine.