Question for Fuschia lindsey owners

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  1. I love the new Fuschia lindsey and when I was at the store today I was set on buying one however the 4 bags they had in the store were very wrinkled and had dents from shipping... The display model was more smooth like the dropdown pictures but had some scratches from being handled so they offered to overnight me the bag and I accepted but what was thinking what if the bags I saw today was the typical condition of this type of what kind of leather condition is yours? Smooth or really pebblely?
  2. I ordered mine from JAX before they were in stores and the one I received was perfect!! The leather is somewhat pebbled, more on the back than the front but not as bad as some I have seen on here. It's nothing that detracts from her beauty!!
  3. Mine is also more pebbled on the back than the front. But no major flaws or scratches. I love her!
  4. I love this bag!! Best $320 I have EVER spent at coach. Mine is also a tad more pebbled on the back. It also had 2 wrinkles on the back towards the bottom but it looks better now after I have carried her for a bit and I put my large purse to go inside. I LOVE this bag and the leather is sooo soft!

    Take a deep breath and enjoy her once she arrives. If something major happens, remember Coach stands behind their products.
  5. I had this same issue with the Fuchsia Sophia...check out my thread and see comp was damaged and dented from packaging, the other was too pebbly, and yet a third was smooth but had a ding in it. The Lindseys in my store when they finally got them in were like that too. A fellow TPFer returned her Sophia for a Lindsey and hers was in great condition, nice and smooth....she told me which store she returned to and they held it for took me on the 4th try to get one in perfect condition
  6. When I saw the fuchsia lindsey in a flagship boutique, all the ones they had on display were wrinkled and had dents....I was surprised they put them out cause they didn't look too nice. The color is gorgeous though so I'd say see what the one you get looks like and if not, exchange it for another.
  7. That is how I felt about it too, the condition of the bags were horrible. I could not believe they were on display AND the ones I returned were put on display. I am also wondering if the disparities in the leather is a defect of some sort. Perhaps that is why they never mass produced the Sophias in this color...too many problems in manufacturing.
  8. Thanks for your input everyone....I'll update you guys once my bag comes in today....all I am hoping for is a bag without dents and scratches....I want the smoother leather but I can live with pebbled look as long as everything else is perfect
  9. Yay it has arrived at the store. I will pick it up during lunch and take some pictures for you you all if I decide to keep her. I have my fingers crossed that she is perfect cause I don't know if I want go through the process again of having a new bag shipped many times would you order the same bag before you give up? I think if I get another crappy bag I might give up and get my money back
  10. I picked one up in the store but when I got it home I noticed one half of the back was smooth and the other half was pebbly and wrinkled and didn't look right. I took it back to exchange and had to look at 3 other bags to find one that was perfect as the others hand dents in them .
  11. So strange we all had the same issues. Other colors of leather lindsey or sophia NEVER had these issues. I feel that this bag is worth it to find a perfect one though. My issues were on the back and not as bad as some of the others I have seen. Fingers crossed yours is perfect!
  12. Can't wait to see her.. hope she's perfect for you! :tup:
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    I finally picked up my bag....I am still not 100% loving it but this one is still better than any I have seen so I did take her home but the tags are still on...The front of the bag is in pretty good shape except for a tiny black mark and inch below the coach emblem (noticable probably only to me cause I know its there but not a huge deal) however the back of the bag kind looks like what you guys refered to as "meat grinder" leather...very wrinkly and pebbled but no scratches or dents...What do you all think? She's a keeper or should I try to order another one? I posted pics of front and a close up of the back...ignore the color variation its the same color but my phone did something weird

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  14. I would keep it, but only do what you're comfortable with. I think that's part of leather.. it's not man made and is going to have variants.. and it's on the back so I wouldn't worry about it. :tup: If it's something that will bother you though I would return it and choose another bag. :smile:
  15. This is exactly what mine looked like. It is always facing towards me so it doesn't matter to me.