Question for fellow Neverfull owners...variation on hook closure?

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  1. I was reading the newest replies to the thread where I posted pics of my new Neverfull PM, and I noticed a comment from another member about the hook closure on the Neverfulls. The member mentioned that the closure on his/her Neverfull was stamped "Louis Vuitton". Mine is simply stamped "LV". All of the Neverfulls I have seen so far just have LV on the hook. I got my Neverfull from eLuxury, so I have no reason to doubt its authenticity. To figure out if this was a change made to the product, I would like to know what some other members hooks are stamped with. It would also help to state what size and where it's made too.

    Mine is a PM, made in the USA, 25th week of 2007 and the hook is stamped simply LV.
  2. Hi there! I just got mine! woo hoo! Mine is the MM, Made in France, hook stamped LV - I'll have to check the date...
  3. I looked at the member's post again, and I noticed he/she had recently purchased a BH and a BV. The hooks on those are stamped "Louis Vuitton". I am beginning to think the member was comparing the hooks on those bags to the hook on my Neverfull.

    Mods, feel free to close this thread. I think I answered my own question.
  4. I just got my Neverfull MM and the hook is stamped LV.
  5. I have Neverfull GM and bought it at LV store. I'm at the office right now. I will check on it when I got home later this evening.
  6. I have a Neverfull PM, made in France 34th week of 2007~ Its hook just says LV.... ^ ^;;