Question for fellow Coachies...

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    Have any of you ever altered any of your Coach bags? Added an extra strap? taken off a strap, etc?
  2. Not me. I'm too scared that I'd ruin my bags. LOL.
  3. Most Coach, if not all my Coach bags I own comes with the crossbody strap. You can take it off so I'm not sure if that qualifies as altering.
  4. What... Altered?? What kind of question is that? How dare you!!!

    Kidding, kidding....

    I think the most common "alteration" would be the addition of a charm, but one from Coach. Speaking for myself, I cannot imagine adding a non-Coach element to a Coach handbag. It's funny, though, because I also collect watches, and I alter them all the time. I'll substitute a different strap, take off the buckle and install a deployent clasp, remove the strap and put on a bracelet...all sorts of things; but, I have my own tools, and I just love tinkering around on my watches. Handbags are a different matter. I would not want to fool around with the fine craftsmanship for which I buy it, in the first place.
  5. I have added an extra hole to a strap that was too long. It's my bag….I can do what I want with it.:P
  6. Oh the stories i could tell....LOL

    Well see I have this bag that i LOVE. Its got a short strap that i don't use. I added a longer strap to make the bag more of a hobo. I have been thinking of taking off the short strap. Im still debating it though. I do agree with EGBDF though...the bag is mine to do what i want with it. Since Coach won't make the bag i want (the hobo bag Sandra Bullock used to use) i have to make my own..i swear i need to make my own bags.
  7. HUGE_sandra_bullock_coach.jpg

    This is the bag i want desperately.

    The one i have is like it but with a front pocket, except shorter strap
  8. I had to buy a new strap for a Coach Bridgit. I hated the heavy chain strap--so I bought a strap that was more what I wanted.
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    The most adventurous thing I've done is take the tassel off my Legacy bags.....oooohhhh WATCH OUT! :lol:. I wish I was more creative but I'd be afraid I would totally mess my bag up.

    I saw that someone had added studs to a Coach duffle, bedazzled style, and it was really cute.

    At the end of the day, it's your bag so I say "Girl, do your thing!" ;)
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    I only wear my bags cross-body so I've sometimes cut the shorter strap off one of my Kristins since it just gets in the way, and since often taking off the short strap actually gives the crossbody strap a longer drop. But I only do that when I'm absolutely sure that I love the bag and am keeping it. If there's a chance I might sell it or donate it, the shorter strap usually stays on.

    And I've also removed too-short straps if I could replace them with longer ones. But I've never done anything drastic like painting a bag or attacking it with a BeDazzler, or like what one seller (or maybe previous owner) did when she punched holes in both sides of her Small Framed Pouch style 9990 and added grommets and laces. THIS kind of "modification" just makes me cringe, especially since the seller doesn't disclose the butchery:
  11. Brace yourselves:

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  12. I agree. OP, if you're planning to keep the bag, do whatever you want with it, but if your plans change and you list it for sale in the future, please disclose the alteration(s) in the listing.

    Hyacinth, that corset modification is ... interesting, to say the least ...... :tdown:
  13. I've been afraid to because what if I decide to sell it later? I'm a big chicken.

    I really would love to cut off the long strap on my Poppy sapphire hippie from 2010. It is this cheap webbing strap that doesn't go with the elegance of the bag. It is permanently attached on one side. If I could figure out how to remove it without damaging the strap or purse, I would add a dogleash clip and make it removable.

    I've wanted to cut the dogleash clips off totes because I don't use them and they get in the way.

    I wish I could add rings so I could clip on a shoulder strap on my vintage Bonnie inspired clutch, but I won't because that would be vandalizing a work of art.
  14. I cut off straps on a couple of non-Coach bags, and ended up ditching the bags because I didn't like them enough anyway.

    Now I just wait for the perfect bag.

    If I had wanted to keep the bags in circulation, I would have needed to seal the raw edges that I cut.

    I added a dogleash clip to my Carly to lengthen the strap, but I can take that off at any time.

    I tried to add a longer chain strap to a wristlet, but decided against that as well. It seems that any change I visualize doesn't work out and I go back to the original.
  15. Yes, I was "forced" to alter my tan Legacy Zip that I bought at a garage sale for $5. It had an oily stain on the side that I could not remove no matter what I tried. I finally epoxied a red leather rose over the stain and it looks pretty cool.

    I have also had to tie a knot in one of my longer straps so that it hit me at the right height (I'm 5'0). I ended up selling it but disclosed that info in the auction.