Question for fellow Canadians!

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  1. I am thinking about buying something from a PF member who's located in US. Has anyone else had experience buying from the US? Do you get charged heavy duties/customs fees? Which shipping method would you go buy? The only thing I've ever ordered from the US was a small item worth $70, and I was charged $25 by the customs.:sad2:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. The cheapest shipping method will be through regular postal. Make sure you get the shipper to declare the item as a gift, remove all price tags (customs may open your box), lastly and most importantly is to ask the seller to declare your item below retail priIce.
    I bought a Stam not too long ago for $1200 usd but my seller was nice enough to declare it for $200 so I paid about $90 at the door for duties and customs. It was shipped through UPS therefore i had to pay a little more at the door.
  3. Thanks Moe! I have a stupid question though. If the seller declares the item to be worth much less, and if it happens to get lost, then only partial reimbursement (ie the amount declared) would be issued right?
  4. Yes, that's right! I just bought a McQueen skull scarf from smallfry. She insuranced it for the correct amount and I paid about $25CAD in duties and taxes. But if the package is insuranced at less the value and it gets lost, then you should absorb the loss because it would be your request to undervalue the package.

    Also, I recommend shipping thru USPS Global Express and declaring as 'gift'. Whether you put down the correct amount or undervalue the item has to be decided between you and the seller.
  5. I have ordered from the U.S. a lot. You are right--if you want insurance, (and it's a GOOD idea!) the item will have to be declared at the value for which it is insured.

    Most of the time, when I have ordered handbags, I have paid between 120-130 dollars Canadian for taxes and duty. (On bags worth about 1200 U.S.) I've just accepted it as part of ordering from out of the country.

    I personally don't want to ask the person/business who sold the item to me to lie about the value.
  6. Normally the sur-charge you get get dinged with is basically what our pst/gst is. if you convert the cost of your purcahse to CND funds figure out the taxes and that is what you *could* be charged.

    Some times it doesnt matter what you buy you can /wont be charged. It all depends on customs that day :sad:

    The issue with declaring a cheaper gift is that if its lost that is all you are insured for :sad:
  7. I've purchased a few high ticket items from the u.s and from my experience as long as the item is sent express and tracked theres no problem declaring the item at a lower cost. Its a risk so if you're willing to take it you may save alot of money or not..... "knock on wood"
  8. I think the insurance part of it is a bit of a scam. Its also a good way for customs to get taxes from shippers. I mean through Canada Post haow much could get lost, and you get tracking numbers. Same with the couriers - they are in business to ship things not lose them. They rely on our paranoia to insure them and then ding us on taxes.
    If you do declare a value, count on 25% to go to customs and the PST/GST that they charge you.