Question for Epi Speedy30 owner.....

  1. I am about to order the speed30 in epi red color... Does this bag get saggy easily if you don't put any thing in the bottom to support it? I am thinking whether to get speedy or Croisette PM....:flowers:
  2. i have speedy 30 in black and its wonderful. Definitely no sagging it has a piece of leather that allows it to be firm. I love it and its so classic, you'll never regret it, I promise.
  3. No sagging but do keep in mind that Epi 30 is almost 35!!!
  4. Hmm what does this mean LVaddict? Are the sizes for the Epi not the same as the Mono? What about the 25 is that bigger then the regular 25? Your help would be appreciated!
    Thanks :smile:
  5. I don't know about 25 but 30 is def. bigger!!!
  6. I did measured all my other speedy bags and they are true to size except for Epi.:shocked:
  7. I went with the Epi 25 because I felt the same way that the 30 was more like a 35. When I asked the SA at LV he said they were the same size but I know there was a difference. It's weird because I have the Damier 30 & it is perfect for me.
  8. This is a great question. I am in the process of trying to buy an old epi 30 and I cannot stand sag :yucky:

    I've heard that epi bags do not really sag and i hope this is true. I can deal with a little (like the MC speedies) but not a lot. It looks sloppy to me
  9. The 30s do pooch a little in the middle & they are definatly larger than the Mono & Damier speedys. I have both sizes & I think I prefer the 25 over the 30 in Epi if Ihad to choose. keep in mind that even though they are longer than the canvas the zipper is actually smaller on the Epi speedy.
  10. I have a 35 (old, they don't make it anymore) Epi, and even at that size it doesn't sag :smile:

  11. Oh good to know.