Question for Epi Lockit owners

  1. I wore the red Epi Lockit (which I bought 7 weeks ago) yesterday for the first time and found that there may be something wrong with the zipper.
    It seems that the zipper is not long enough so that the 2 ends of the 'open end' of the zipper is left flying in the air. I checked my other LV bags and the ends of the zippers are all sewn into the seams and should not be visible.
    I'm concerned about this because the exposed ends seem to fray easily and it's not nice to look at.:tdown:
    Do all Epi Lockits have their zippers sewn like that? I would want to post a photo but I don't know how yet :confused1:
  2. Sorry for the blurry photos. Hope you can see what I meant.
    IMG_2156.jpg IMG_2155.jpg