Question for ebayers with stores

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  1. Are your listing fees lower than those charged regular ebayers? I ask because I see some store "owners" list the same item over and over again, at high prices, and wonder how it makes financial sense for them to do so.
  2. Hi , listing fees are less but final fees are a bit high , if it takes you 4 weeks to sell something then it doesn't work out too bad because you don't haveto keep paying the listing fees ! hope that makes sense .
  3. Hi lulilu,

    For regular eBayers:
    Can list on Auction format but not inventory format.

    For store owners:
    I choose to list on inventory listing since this is the cheapest for me to list high-end designer items. The caveat is the product won't show at the top of search result.

    If you want to sell faster, then you can choose Auction style listing (as a regular eBayers or as a store owner). You will pay higher listing fee for high-priced items if you choose to do so.
    Now, it depends on what is your target price, then your Auction listing fee will be determined.

    Hope it helps..