Question for eBay sellers regarding NEW registered buyer...

  1. I just sold a Coach Carly on eBay with a buy it now and the buyer is a BRAND NEW user, just registered TODAY!! What should I do to protect myself?! I'm so terrified that I'm going to get scammed. I listed Paypal as the only accepted method of payment. Should I be wary if she pays with eCheck (I've heard that buyers can retrack payments or something)? Should I require that she pays with credit card? HELP!!
  2. eChecks are fine, you just have to wait until they clear into your PayPal account, which PayPal will tell you when it does. You just wait until the status of the payment says "completed", and you will also see that the funds are actually in your account. I would not insist on a credit card only. There is probably more of a chance that they could pay with a stolen CC than you having a problem with the eCheck. Also make sure that their shipping address in PayPal is confirmed. If it's not, you aren't protected under PayPal's seller protection. I understand your concern with a new buyer, but everyone has to start somewhere and most people are honest. Good luck with your transaction, I'm sure everything will be fine!

    Vicki :smile:
  3. Yes, Please wait until the payment clears if anyone sends you an echeck. I have had many echecks fail and i never got paid for whatever it was. Try to give the new ebayer a chance.. They might need some help with sending the payment but just remember when you were new to eBay and try to be patient with them. The only real concer I would have is IF they pay at all or IF they even have or know what paypal is. Most new ebayers don't
  4. Thanks guys. She paid with PayPal shortly after the auction closed. I believe it was with a credit card b/c the transaction says completed and the funds are in my account. She also has a Confirmed address. I will give her the benefit of the doubt (and ship with insurance and signature confirmation!).

    I am just very leery after seeing so many horror stories here - bait and switch (which I'm still worried about), non-paying bidders, and just over scamming. Thanks again!!
  5. She may be starting a new ID too. I have several ids for various reasons.