Question for Dylan Medium Tote Owners...

  1. I just received my new Dylan Medium Tote and I LOVE it!!

    Those of you who own one, did you keep the rectangle base "thing" in your bag or remove it? It's not attached and it seems like it would end up moving around or stuff would get under it.

  2. I leave the "base" piece in the bag. So far, I haven't had an issue with it moving around or getting things stuck underneath.
  3. I leave it in the bag too. I wish it was a stiffer piece though to help maintain the bag's shape. I'm so glad you love your new bag; its one of my all time favorites!
  4. I took mine out as soon I got it... I prefer slouchy bags.
  5. Leave it in, I like the base to have some shape to it.

  6. I left mine in.
  7. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate your input!
  8. My Concorde Dylan just arrived, and I absolutely love it. The base piece is crinkled though and doesn't lay flat. I have to give the bag to DH to hold till Valentines Day, so I have plenty of time to try and straighten out the base before I use the bag. Any suggestions on how to get it to flatten out? I'm thinking of just putting it between some heavy books, what about ironing it? I like the idea of using it to give the bottom of the purse some structure. The bag itself is perfect, so it's not such a big deal, but I would like to fix the base and use it.
  9. My Dylan tote had been stored in the closet for several months and when I took it out the base was bent (other purses on top of it). I just used my hands to bend it back into shape. It was still a little cockeyed, but after using it for a day or two you couldn't notice.

    I'm interested to see what others suggest. The heavy books might work but it might straighten the base out too much. I believe that the base is suppose to be curved. :shrugs:
  10. Thanks for the advice. In any event, I am in Love with this bag.
  11. I'm glad you love it Cocolo! My base was bent too and didn't offer as much structure as I was hoping for. So, I gently opened the seam on one end of the zebra print base cover and slipped in a thin flexible piece of plastic from an office supply store. I just folded the cover over the edge the way you would a pillow case... but it might be nicer to hand hem it.
  12. Yay!! Another dylan medium tote lover!!
    Glad you're loving your new bag, Cocolo... I'm of no help when it comes to the base piece, because I take them out before wearing the bag.
  13. Hmmm, I never even thought to check if my base is bent, I guess so far so good? Hope you're able to get it straightened out!