Question for Dutch Mulberry lovers


Nov 1, 2011
Leicester UK
Hi All,

I am coming over to your awesome country next month and I just wondered where the best shopping quarters are of Amsterdam?

I know of PC Hoofstraaat (excuse if I spelt it wrong) I have never been there but I hear it's all pretty much high end, if I am not mistaken its quite near Vondellpark?

I wondered if there are any quality vintage shops? also mainly where are the Mulberry shops? I think one may be on PC Hoofstraaat?

Is there another one of Warrmoestratt? or near? I am staying in Neeuimarket area so just wondered where closest is... I hear the beehive has Mulberry?

I know theres an outlet but it will be a little far for me to travel as I am only there a couple of days to see a concert..

I cant wait!:P:P



May 22, 2013
The Netherlands
Hi Emma, great that you're coming to Amsterdam! There's indeed a Mulberry store in the pc Hooft straat, and there's a smaller shop in shop in de Bijenkorf (beehive) but these are the only places I know of to buy mulberry in Amsterdam. Sa's are lovely though so do go and check them out! Enjoy!


Nov 1, 2011
Leicester UK
Ahhh Thank you so much!

I can't wait - I am counting down the days now hahahaha

I am hopefully going to check out LV so I will pop into Mulberry too yay!!

I have been to Amsterdam before and I loved it, and the Dutch are pretty cool too :smile:

Are there any good clothes shops (stupid question) or can you reccomend any good shopping area's maybe not designer?

Ty x


Sep 29, 2014
Hi All,

I wondered if there are any quality vintage shops?
You can find some great things at my personal favorite Laura Dols, in the Wolvenstraat. Try to go there open minded. Sometimes they are filled with little jems (try out their huge dress-filled basement too) but other days it feels like you're missing out on all the good stuff. Check out their site to get an idea.
Laura Dols
Laura Dols has really unique and amazing stuff! :smile: Check out this cute dress for example (copyright picture Laura Dols)

Some others nearby (walking distance):
Zipper - very cool vintage clothing and lots of customized stuff.
adress: Huidenstraat 24

Spiegelbeeld, for vintage designer finds, like burberry
adress: Huidenstraat 24

Bit further away are...

1953 – Retro en Chic
Very chic, with prices to match it. Get your vintage Dior here! :smile: (After you've hit the atm :P )
Adres: Staalstraat 2
1011 JL (postal code)

Get your vintage YSL there!
Jacob Obrechtstraat 41

Tutti Frutti
Nice shop with vintage clothes that also selss clothing usually ordered in London. Mulberry fan? You;ll love it!
Bilderdijkstraat 147



When your on the Dam Square, walk to the big church, on the right side of the Dam Palace. Walk right along the church, untill you see a little café with a black cat as a logo. It's called 'the 3 graefjes' and it has the best home made of Amsterdam. (Watch out with expensive clothing; occasionally the black cat of the cafe will install himself on your lap when you're enjoying a big cup of tea. :biggrin:)
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