Question for Duomo owners....

  1. I looovveee my Duomo and I know she's fairly new, but I am having a difficult time getting my stuff in and out of the bag. I tried searching threads re: 'problems with Duomo' and came up with nothing, so for Duomo owners: Will the opening soften up? Once it does, will the opening become misshapen?

  2. ohhhh, good question, I have been eyeing the duomo ever since I saw a SO mono one in was so gorgeous, but didn't know about fit.

  3. It's a gorgeous bag. It's my ultimate favorite of ALL my bags. All the other bags I own have wide opening. After months of research, I decided to purchase the duomo as the opening (I thought) was decent. However, after using for two days, it has become cumbersome. I have to be super careful getting my Pomme D'amour wallet out as I do not want the zipper to scratch it. I also noticed that the zipper is starting to ripple/stretch from me opening the bag to get stuff in and out:crybaby: .
  4. My duomo hasn't been used much so I don't know if it will soften. I didn't notice that is was hard to get stuff out of but I agree you may scratch a vernis wallet on the zipper getting it out all the time. I drag a MC wapity in and out of my duomo when I use it.:rolleyes:
  5. This happens with my duomo, too. I've used it a lot and I haven't noticed any stretching of the opening. It is a little bothersome getting stuff in and out. I have trained myself to sort of tuck the zipper inside as I pull out my wallet. Hope that makes sense. I would be careful with your vernis. Duomo is a beautiful looking bag but it is heavy and has this one drawback with the opening. Maybe as our bags get a few months older they will soften a little. I've had mine since the end of summer.
  6. I do hope it will soften a little...I usually carry bags nearly twice this size so I am used to the weight, it's the opening I have to get used to. But I appreciate the tip, I will tuck in the zipper! It is beautiful, I will deal with it - it's a keeper.
  7. This is good to know since I like this bag too and may have to now think twice about purchasing it due to the opening.