Question for dog owners

  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    I have 2 pugs-they both need to keep their exercise levels up (a few walks a week and lots of play time at home) so they don't gain weight and I was wondering what you do when it starts getting cold out. My pugs personally hate when their feet are cold and I really don't know how they would respond to booties..

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of some exercise ideas for the cold weather, I would really appreciate it! :tup:
  2. My dog doesn't mind cold feet but do you have a carpeted hallway? You could just play fetch down the hallway.
  3. No carpet in our house! Just wood floors and really cold tile!
  4. No indoor fetch for you then, we also have wood floors and my dog slips everywhere if she starts to run on it. :smile:
  5. ^Ya..that and they get uninterested after a little while. I'm stumped.

    Also if anyone has any good websites for really warm doggie jackets, I'd appreciate it.. I find that petsmart jackets never fit at any I'm struggling!
  6. I always find great doggie clothes at or Good luck and post a pic of them in their jackets!
  7. My sister has a Pug that she has to walk a lot so he doesn't put on too much weight too. He doesn't seem to mind the cold, though.
  8. My dog does get ice in her paws in the winter and will sometimes start hopping around on 3 legs when it is really cold. I tried to get her boots, but there was no way that she was going to allow me to put those on her once let alone every time we go out. On the other hand, she thought that they were great toys. It is much harder to walk dogs in very cold climates during the winter. She does wear a jacket in the winter. I took her to a smaller pet store and they her try on several jackets to see what fit before I bought it.
  9. I just thought of something. My dogs are way bigger than Pugs (LOL!), but they do get ice in between their toes (pads). I wrap their paws in a towel as soon as our walk is over and melt the snow and cold slush right away. I also dress them in T-shirts so the slush doesn't mess up their pretty fur.
  10. My dogs hate shoes hah, they flip their feet out and shake them around while they walk to try and get them off. I can't take my babies out during really cold temps either or they get fussy. You should see them in snow, they love it (doggie snow wrestling, hehe) but after a few minutes they are bouncing from foot to foot to avoid the cold! I just play a lot of fetch with them inside when it gets really cold.
  11. My dog doesn't like her feet touched, but she LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES the cold weather, so I'm lucky on that front. often has lots of sizes. It might be worth trying the boots. Some dogs really like them. Good luck!
  12. I sell many types of booties in my store, but the BEST kind I've found for staying on is "NeoPaws" (@ They are the ONLY ones my Petey can not get off. If you have doxies (or other short-legged breeds) they may not work so well for you from my personal exp..

    If your dog dislikes having their feet touched - work with them! They'll get used to it and make necessities like vet appointments and nail trims less stressful!! ;)