Question for Diorshow Macara Fans

  1. Diorshow Fans-

    What's the difference between Diorshow and Diorshow Unlimited. Do you have a preference?
  2. Can someone please explain to me the differences between Blackout, Unlimited, and regular Diorshow? I know Blackout is more pigmented and it supposedly doesn't have any fragrance, but are there any other differences? Are the brushes the same with the different formulas? Do they all yield different results? :shrugs:

    Please discuss! :flowers: :heart:
  3. I use to use Maximeyes, also by Dior and i loved that product, problem is that it dries out rather fast. Currently i use Dior Show, the brush is fatter,bigger and the tube is also slightly larger than blackout.
  4. I have used DiorShow (regular and waterproof formula) and Dior BlackOut. BlackOut gives your lashes a more defined look because it's suppose to be the blackest color available in the line. I actually prefer DiorShow regular formula because it provides the same volume and is water resistant as well (less harsh on lashes than the waterproof).
  5. ^ Hmmm... So you'd say that Blackout gives you the same results as regular, just blacker? I love the way regular Diorshow looks, but the color is a little too light for me and it irritates my eyes (I think because of the fragrance). I'm worried that I won't like Blackout with the different brush, though :shrugs:
  6. I got this brochure, I don't know if it will help. I took these pics it shows the differences between Classic diorshow and Unlimited and what the effects are of combining.

    All Looks (sorry for flash marks on photos)
    Look 1 Diorshow alone for plush lashes.
    Look 2 New Unlimited for stiletto lashes.
    Look 3 Diorshow + Unlimited (added smudged liner for smokey look)
    Look 4 Unlimited + Diorshow (liquid liner used for purrrfect cat eye)
  7. I use Blackout, and the results look closest to the picture of Unlimited for me, just more clumpy (i suck at putting on mascara correctly) :p
    I have super-sensitive eyes and wear contacts, and Blackout definitely doesn't bug my eyes. Then again, i've never used the original DiorShow, so i can't really compare it to anything..
  8. Thanks for the replies (and pics) :flowers:

    I know that I definitely don't want Unlimited, so maybe I'll try Blackout... It's good to know that it's non-irritating. Regular Diorshow is one of the worst mascaras I've tried in terms of eye irritation :sad:
  9. I bought some recently and my eyes started watering almost immediately after I put it on. I think I must be allergic- it looks good on me though but I guess I won't be able to wear it.
  10. i've had the same problem-my eyes water incessantly when i wear my diorshow. i like the way it looks on, so i still wear it every once in awhile (somehow i seem to forget that i'm allergic to it every few weeks or so :shrugs:). it's strange because i've never had a reaction to a mascara before.
  11. For me, blackout is a little more intense black than diorshow but does not lengthen as much as diorshow does. I also have to remember to screw the caps on really really tight as they tend to dry out a little quicker than other brands.
  12. I've only tried regular DiorShow in the waterproof formula, but I agree that it tends to dry out a bit faster than what I'm used to (I normally use Lancome when I don't use DiorShow)
  13. I have DiorShow waterproof and I love the way my lashes look with them on.

    I'm a lash junkie (love lashes, long big ones) so this mascara really emphasize them alot!!

    plus they are waterproof. once I was crying and thought I would have raccoon eyes and when i looked in the mirror it was not the case.

    It does dry out a little faster, but I can't help but continue to buy it. I love it.