Question for Dior Experts .......

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if the Dior plate on these shoe is upside down or it's suppose to be like this........
    If anybody own this style, please, let me know.
    Or if anybody has an idea, let me know also.

    Thank you so much for help.
  2. Actually I'm not sure. Because the ones on my shoes are are upside down but it runs horizontally.

    So that when people look at your shoes they can read it right side up.

    But i think in the case of yours, it's right the way you have them showed, so when you look down, it's reading the right way for you.

    I hope i explained that well. I don't own these shoes, but given the thought process it would make more sense to have them reading that way.
  3. I am sure that is the way they are meant to be but Natalia is a real shoe person she will know for definite.
  4. i think nothing is wrong with them! :okay:
  5. Thank you guys :yes: !!!