Question for Dentelle Speedy Owners??????

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Dentelle Speedy as a birthday gift for myself:p. And just wanted to know how has this bag been holding up this past season. I know this thread may have been written before but seeing how long the dentelle speedy has been out, it gives me more of an idea of how well this bag can hold up for the long term. Any info would help thanks.
  2. i have the dentelle BH and its doing great, no problems at all. I dont wear it every day, its more of a special bag for me, but that does not at all mean it isnt durable. As long as you take care of it how the care book says (dont let it rub against abrasive surfaces) you should be fine. It is a really special bag, and happy birthday!:p
  3. I haven't worn my speedy that much at all (maybe 2 times since I bought it)....but I don't feel that it is a fragile bag at all! Just don't roll it around on a stucco building and it'll be fine LOL
  4. I absolutely love mine!! It's my bag this week!
    I would definitely get another one if my DH lets me. :p
  5. I love my Denetelle speedy it can be a dressy or a casaul bag.. !!
  6. Which color are you planning on getting?
  7. Thanx everyone, for all your responses I really appreciate it.

    I really :heart: the silver. I think its so beautiful:drool:
  8. How is the dentelle monogram canvas made? Is it actually dentelle lace kinda glued on (*shudder!*) or made into the canvas somehow, or fine stitching in a dentelle pattern on the canvas?
  9. I dont know why but I really hate the DENTELLE Collection. It's hideous, and it looks like algae when it's far away.
  10. I love the dentelle line, its beautiful. Post pics when you get it.