Question for DENIM OWNERS

  1. do you actually notice that the denim really fades?

    I'm a new owner and I want to know those who had their denim bags after it was first released.Did it really changed?Thanks
  2. i've had my Denim Neo-Speedy since Thanksgiving 2005, which was quite soon after it was released, and i haven't really noticed anything except the patina :shrugs:
  3. I have the Speedy (blue) since Mai or June 2006 and I use it a lot... still looks good... As Sandra said, nothing happened except patina.
  4. i read about the color fading with the pink denim that's why it made me worry a bit. and now im thinking i wouldn't want a faded bag, that would def look so 80's hehe
  5. I have a fuschia bag and used it everyday practically last spring & summer and I havent noticed any fading, esp from the Arizona sun!
  6. I've never heard anything about the Denim fading; I wonder if it does?
  7. I have the fuschia too no fading all OK here (but there's not much sun in the UK)
  8. My bag hasn't faded at all, and I've had it for about 6 months.
  9. I have had my Denim Pleaty for 14 months now. No fading of the denim whatsoever.
  10. My friend has blue denim mini pleaty for almost a year and the only difference on hers is the patina. I have one but only since December. I love my mini pleaty!
  11. i have a blue pleaty bag since summer of 05 and then a mini pleaty for a year now. i use the mini pleaty more, but i dont see any fading...
  12. i think itss treated so it wont fade. ive had mine for over a year and it doesnt fade.......
  13. Iv'e had my Baggy PM since late December, and no fading, just Patina:p
  14. I'm only guessing but I would have thought that it would only fade if you washed it and that would just be the craziest thing to do so I don't think they will fade

  15. ***I can vouch for her bag--it looks great!!!:yes:

    I have a blue Denim flat pouch and use it all the time and it still looks great :nuts: