Question for denim lovers

  1. I have fallen in love with the denim line. I didn't really like it at first, but I've seen a couple of women with it recently and now I'm hooked.:smile:

    I'm thinking of adding either the Pleaty or the Speedy to my collection. I like them both but I can't afford both right now. Any advice? Which one would you get first and why?
  2. do u mean the patchwork speedy? cuz denim doesn't have speedy ...?? btw i like the denim pleaty, only because i'm not feeling for the patchwork line ;)
  3. In my opinion the pleaty is pretty pricey for its size. I'd go with the neo speedy.

    I have both the baggy pm and neo speedy and i love them both.
  4. I would also go for the pleaty. BTW, The denim line does have a speedy.
  5. I just got denim pleaty recently and i love it. it's so cute! love the shape and buckle. but it is small. (although i don't carry lot of stuff so it works for me) if you got lots of things to carry, i say go for neo speedy.
    quality wise i think it's really good although you think it's just piece of denim cloth, it's really not once you feel it. hope you get one fast~:smile:
  6. ohh yes the long one, sorry i always throught of the speedy as the mono speedy style :sweatdrop:
  7. I say pleaty! It's sooo cute!
  8. I have a Neo Speedy and love it!! You can put a lot into it and it has those wonderful pockets on the outside too. It is my everyday go to purse because I have a more casual life style...retirement is sooo great!!
  9. I have a neo speedy and baggy pm and I love both! The neo speedy gets my vote because it can hold so much more!
  10. I love the Pleaty but I'm afraid it won't be large enough for an everyday bag. I normally carry some makeup, contact lense stuff, sun glasses, keys, cell phone and wallet. Do you think it would all fit?

    I like that the Neo Speedy has a zipper on the top. No worry about losing anything.

    BTW I love the patchwork Speedy but I never got on a waiting list. Do you think I'm too late?
  11. I just saw a patchwork speedy in blue at the Wynn LV in Las Vegas. Give them a call!
  12. I'd get patchwork speedy , or the pleaty. I think the pleaty is a lot prettier than the neo speedy.
  13. Pleaty! I have pink and blue. They are small but hold a lot. I can fit a small agenda, cell phone, ludlow wallet and even a small camera.
  14. Pleaty is not my choice. I think Baggy style and Neo / patchwork speedy look better.
  15. I would say the neo speedy is a better choice. I bought the pleaty but had to return it the next day, I loved it but it was just too small for me and the price was too high for the size of the bag.