Question for Deauville-owners...

  1. If you're carrying this as an everyday bag, as I am, do you actually use the little elastic bands inside? And for what? Or are you just ignoring them?
  2. When I had my deauville, I ignored them.
  3. I have a lotion bottle that I sometimes carry and it's perfectly shaped to fit in the elastic thing. This kept the lotion upright and not on the top of the bottle (it's one of those lotion bottles that you have to stick your fingers in and get the lotion).
  4. I use my deauville as a day bag. I do not use the elastic bands at all.
  5. while we're on this topic.. i know this bag is under the 'luggage' section on elux.. so could a guy use this as a luggage-addition? i have a lot of .. products. lol. hair/skin/etc..
  6. I do not use the elastic bands. I ignore them.

    I am so used to carrying my Deauville as an "everyday" bag that if I saw a guy with it, it would look like he was carrying an actual purse. I know that there are "man purses", but to me a Deauville wouldn't pass as one, visually.

    Get whatever you like though, to heck with what anyone else thinks!!
  7. I ignore them. But hypothetically they're good for baby bottles, water bottles, pop bottles, etc... But who would want to risk them spilling into the bag? It's not like the lining of this bag is waterproof!
  8. I ignore them also.
  9. ITA
  10. I didn't mean it as a purse/man-bag situation.. i meant it like luggage.. since it IS classified as luggage on elux & the site. but i see what you mean though about it looking like a "purse" and not "luggage". imo, the trouville is more purse-like, since it's smaller.
  11. Ignore...usually...but If I have a small water bottle, then I strap it in.. but I'm paranoid and I keep on checking if it has spilled...I find the straps too big...