Question for Dark Silver Owners

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  1. Do you find the color limiting? Do you mostly use it in the winter months? I'm on the wait list for a 226 and before I commit, I'd like to get your take on its usefulness. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is not that useful and 10 is use it a lot, where would you rank the dark silver? TIA.
  2. jmen, sorry this is a bit OT, but did you preorder yours at a Chanel botique? Also, do you know when they are set to arrive? (i'm having the same issue as you, but I won't be back to see the bag until Aug. 12, so i'm worried I won't be back in time for the 2-week return policy)
  3. Am guessing it was about a month or more ago that I spoke with Brendan in NY and put my name down for the 226 in dark silver. For some reason I'm thinking August is when it's expected to arrive, but don't hold me to that. Although I really like the bag a lot (having seen a 225 at Saks at the end of winter), I can't help thinking the copper color or dark bronze (no longer available) would be a better choice for my skin tone. That said I seem to live in black in the winter time, so hence the question about usage. What else besides black does dark silver go with? And If the bag comes in after the next price hike, I'm passing on it. I have drawn the line in the sand on the price increases.
  4. i had the dark silver in the 225 and honestly, i didn't use it very much because i felt it was too blingy for daytime wear and also, depending on how you wear it, it could look a bit old and matronly. i really wish i got the dark gold reissue from cruise 2006 because you can dress that color up or down.