Question for Damier owners

  1. I don't currenly own any bags from the Damier Canvas line, and I'm curious to know how durable the material is compared to the monogram? It would be great to hear your insights.:yes:
  2. its pretty much the same durability, because both lines are made from the same canvas, just different print.
    but the inside of damier has red lining, so the color may bleed on to your accessories if you choose the wrong bag....
  3. Damier is very durable - same level of durability as the mono canvas.
    I haven't had any problems with the "dye bleeding" from the interior lining.
  4. it is VERY durable!! The handles also dont change color
  5. Love love:love: the damier ... I have the ebene speedy! Can't say enough about it ... the canvas is pretty indestructible, very easy to clean up (I just wipe it down w/ diaper wipes) and the handles will never look dirty and grimy.
  6. IMO damier is more durable than mono because the leather is dark, not vachetta, so you dont have to worry about it staining or getting water marks on it.
  7. I think its little bit more durable coz canvas is more stiff IMO than mono. It also has chocolate leather trim so you dont have to worry about stains!
  8. i think damier is more durable..but that's my opinion...

    plus i haven't really seen any fading on the canvas whereas monogram canvas will fade over me out here?
  9. It's definitely durable. :yes:
  10. ditto what everyone has said here
  11. I too have both. I have a monogram Speedy 30 and a Duomo Damier. I think they are equally durable, and I haven't had any trouble with the red lining on my damier.
  12. my fave line!
  13. It's the same, they are both coated canvas. I don't know about the lining though!
  14. They are the same IMO for durability. As others have posted, I love the chocolate brown no vachetta...this is why my Saleya PM goes with me on business travel. It goes with all my outfits, holds a ton and I don't worry about rain or humidity. I've also taken it to job interviews where I want to look great but not 'announce' LV like I would with mono. I love the red lining too and have never had a problem with it bleeding.
  15. Damier is def. more durable than Mono as far as the handles are, but for the canvas they are made the same. The interiors the Damier are different depending on which bag you want. For example, the Damier Speedy and Damier Papillon have different material interiors.