Question for Damier lovers

  1. Hi all..

    I'm going to get the damier azur speedy 30 in the end of the month..

    I know how to differ the mono canvas from the real and fake..

    However, i rarely see people carry damier azur speedies..

    Only one time I saw this lady carrying one and from a far glance it gave me an impression its fake from the handles..and when i went closer to it it was written
    Louis Vuitton ABC :lol: instead of Paris.. so that was a clear fake to me..

    but what else distinguishes the real damier from the fakes?

    Thank you!
  2. I buy my LV from either one of their boutiques or elux.
    You can also buy from their own website
    If you are going to try to buy of e-bay use the authentic this thread as the ladies and gentlemen their are wonderful
  3. Im definetly going to purchase mine from my local LV boutique..

    I was just wondering tho' about the fakes that are everywhere lately..
  4. I don't think I've seen any azur fakes here. I have the azur speedy and love it! It's a great bag!!