question for dallas area tpfers

  1. hi ladies, will any of you be attending the event monday night at the highland park village boutique? i'm here visiting the parents and have been invited by my SA but would love to know if any of you will be attending so i won't feel completely forlorn!:yes:
  2. I haven't been there yet just usually go to NM at willows bend, can anyone go?
  3. he gave me an invitation so i'm not sure that it's open in general but you might call and see? it's from 7-9pm
  4. I have an SA there and haven't been invited to anything!:blah:
    I can't go anyhow but still! LOL!

    My SA there is Alexis, he's adorable.
  5. oh swanky,it was alexis who told me about it! he is very charming (i felt so underdressed when i saw him though--is he always in a three piece suit??!!). the event is a promo for the mini film they did with keira knightley that they've been showing online.
  6. yes, he's always dressed to the nines!
    I haven't given him much business in the past year.. . I probably should.