question for Cynthia NYC and everyone else...

  1. what exactly is the "World of Club-de-Elite"?????
  2. beats me?
  3. Where did you read/ hear that from?
  4. Isn't that a term that NYfashionexpert uses in her eBay croc auctions?
  5. [SIZE=-1]From NYFashionexpert on eBay?

  6. I´ve never heard of this before
  7. Club de Dodo? lol. term of art to draw in the average "Jo".
  8. Lol
  9. LMAO! I'm stumped.
  10. Somehow this reminds me of the story, The Emperor's New Clothes. A phrase make to sound exclusive, high class and sophisticated... but when actually nobody really knows what is it or understands.
  11. LOL! I have no idea, why are ya asking me? God I hope you don't think those are my eBay listings. Feh.

    I think a saying such as "Club de Elite" is akin to saying "Buy this and be instantly CLASSY!". Which is in fact pretty much the opposite of actual class, in my opinion.
  12. That phrase shows nothing but lack of knowledge in french. Tackey. :yucky:
  13. :yes::heart:
  14. Very true. Spelled completely wrong on top of everything.

  15. yes and it is beyond silly