Question for Compagnon owners, please...

  1. I really want the large size one, and am wondering if you could put a checkbook in it. It looks like it would hold one, but is there a special slot to secure the checkbook flap into? Hope I'm making sense :shame:

  2. I'm also want to know! If it holds a checkbook, it might be a perfect wallet :smile:
  3. small and live, i put a checkbook in mine. there are two side slots behind the credit card slot. i use one of those slots for my checkbook. i'm not sure if the slot is made for it, but it fits just fine. i have a pic of my bordeaux compagnon somewhere in this forum... but it doesn't have a pic of the checkbook. let me go find the pic.
  4. Thanks e - those pics were perfect!
  5. you're welcome, small.
    it really is the perfect wallet!;)
  6. Thanks Esile. Now on the hunt for the perfect compagnon :smile: