Question for coin purse owners

  1. I'm curious how you use your coin purses. Do you carry them in your BV? Do you use them for coins or perhaps a tidy place for receipts in your bag? After I saw someone's frog purse I had to have one. I can't decide if I want to add him to my frog collection or put him to work.
  2. I use my frog coin purse. I like to open him and empty coins out of his mouth, or dig around in his belly with my makes me giggle. He likes to ride around in my handbag and gets the opportunity to see the world. If your coin purse is a homebody, he or she may prefer to be stuffed with tissue and spend the days at home. My froggie is the traveling type, plus he likes the feel of all the coins in his belly.
  3. Good question, and good timing as my tan fishie arrived yesterday and I just went through trying to decide what to do with him!

    I have been using my red ladybug for coins since I got it - especially as I was going to be getting my new BV wallet soon (it also arrived yesterday - I'm way behind in pictures but we had a guest staying last night who would definitely think I'm odd if I started taking pictures of my small leather goods!) and I don't want to put coins in my wallet and stretch it all out. So then with the fish I wasn't sure what I would do with him, but when he arrived he was soooooo cute I knew I had to use him for something! I thought about tampons but then thought it would be kind off odd to carry them around ALL the time... But then I also happened to find a nice plastic bag (nice red colour without any writing on it) after looking for one for a while - as I wanted to keep one in my bag all the time just in case it rains (it is Vancouver after all!) and I get caught in the rain with my BV... So plastic bag got folded up and put into Mr. Fishie and we're all set!
  4. Bookermoose, you are too funny...tampons! I generally keep coins in my wallet and try not to let too many collect b/c they just end up making my bag too heavy. And I'm probably too klutsy to handle a wallet and a coin purse simultaneously especially if a line starts forming behind me. Maybe it'll be a nice place to keep receipts while I'm shopping. Decisions, decisions.
  5. Haha.....that's good idea, tampons for the fish, and the plastic bag!! Everyone is really thinking hard for good ways to use the BV items. All items, big or small, are so much to enjoy.
  6. BM

    I love your ladybird purse. It it is beautiful. Can you put your coins in your fish and put your carrier bag in your ladybird so as to keep her clean and pretty? Would that work?
  7. That is an idea, VKD. I don't really use cash that much anymore so even with coins in it my ladybug isn't going to get too much use... but I'll definitely give your suggestion some thought (although I don't want Mr. Fishie to get dirty either!). Such hard decisions!
  8. My blue fish carried tampons too! rofl!
  9. ^^


    Seriously, you ladies crack me up. Coins and plastic bags and tampons in all your little animals! Worse than regular pollution I'd say! :p