Question for Coach SAs

  1. I was just wondering is it in the Coach handbook whenever a customer comes in w/ a Coach purse on do they have to go on & on about how beautiful the bag is? Also, how do you handle those that come in w/ fake Coach? Do you point it out to them or just not say anything?
  2. it's probably not in the handbook since I don't get that everytime i walk in with a bag lol .
  3. From my days there, you were supposed to make people feel welcome with a lifestyle question, so your greeting didn't sound canned. So admiring someone's Coach purse is an easy conversation starter. And of course you'd politely ignore a fake Coach.
  4. The girls at my store are just big fans of coach and we always talk about bags in the store so it's nice when older bags come in and we can talk about those. It's an easy conversation starter, and no- we don't point out fakes because that's terribly rude.
  5. I like being asked about my bag; especially if it is a Coach from a year or two ago. It is fun to talk about prior collections with my SA.
  6. What if someone came in your store to authenticate their Coach (which is obviously fake)? Do you tell them in a polite way then??
  7. We politely tell them they we cannot officially authentic bags in the store, but if they feel they are victim of a crime and they have spent over 100$ on the product than they can send it to our dept. who handles those issues.

    If they press the issue of not wanting to send it in or if they come in asking to get a non-authentic item repaired we politely explain that the product was not made by coach.