Question for Coach SA's or anyone else who knows....

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  1. I went into Coach today to pick up a Carly in chili red. They only had one and that was the floor model. When the SA went to order me one, the "system" showed that there were only floor models available. None at all at JAX. However, I could still go to the website and order one. What do you think the deal is with this? :confused1:
  2. website will try to find one for you at a retail store and have the store ship it to you. We get web orders all the time at our store.
  3. I just saw your collection of purses OMG they are all so beautiful. I love the Marc Jacobs bag. How the hell do you afford all that? Do you work at Coach and if you do, do you get some kind of discount on other purse brands?:nuts:
  4. Did you check out the floor model b/c sometimes they are absolutely perfect and if you wind up havng it shipped in from another store, you cant SEE what their floor model looks like! Sometimes the floor model you can SEE is the better bag!!! Good luck!! I hope you get it and post pics soon!!!!
  5. Which size are you looking for? I know the supply of the khaki/beet is very low but the chili shouldn't been that low. I think there are some at my store.
  6. I do not mean to offend and I agree that this is none of my business, but I am not sure asking that question is appropriate...we all have a different story...I think we should not question how one can afford their collection.

    Back to topic...I finally got to a Coach store (I live 3 1/2 hours away from the nearest...) and that bag is beautiful!!! I was so sad to learn that the green/brown/white/black scarfprint bags are sold is amazing how that all works!!
  7. That specific scarf print is still available in a shoulder tote and a demi!
  8. Hi Marsha.. a little off topic too but your collection is soooooo gorgeous...:cutesy::whistle: and the Coach Signature Stripe Carryall is TDF :drool::yahoo:
  9. I love, love, love! that scarfprint! I wasn't a fan much before, but oh my gosh!! This is amazing!!
  10. Thanks! Sorry my reply is late, been busy working AND being mom all in one day!

    I loooove my carryall. She hardly sees the light of day, but it's the one bag I will not part with. :yes:

  11. I thought the khaki /beet comes out later this month?
  12. I was thinking today that I saw none of the gorgeous scarf print. Are most (except the tote/demi) sold out? or are they going to the outlets?

    I wanted the Hamptons Vintage leather wristlet in bordeaux, and there was only one left (store model). The SA looked on computer at Jax and all stores in our area, and all of that color are sold does that mean I'll never find it, or can the web site look all over the country?? For those that can answer, thank you!!:yes: (my friend got the store model :smile: )